Ford Taurus Tires

Bridgestone delivers a comfortable ride that Taurus drivers can rely on.

Enjoy the Performance of Your Taurus with Bridgestone Tires  

The Ford Taurus is widely credited as the mid-size sedan that saved Ford in the late 80s. Since then the Taurus has risen above the competition to become a leader within its segment delivering comfort and performance. At Bridgestone, it’s our goal to match these standards of excellence by engineering quality tires for your Ford Taurus.

Bridgestone tires deliver a comfortable ride that Taurus drivers can rely on. For those long trips, the Turanza EL400-02 tire is a luxury sedan tire that offers wet and dry traction while still delivering a surprisingly comfortable ride. Our DriveGuard run-flat tires are engineered to take a puncture and keep your Taurus moving for up to 50 miles at up to 50 mph.* As a more fuel-efficient tire option, Bridgestone offers the Ecopia EP422 Plus tire. This eco-friendly tire is engineered for fuel-efficiency to give you more miles per tank.** In addition, the Ecopia EP422 Plus offers a 70,000 mile treadwear limited warranty.***

Bridgestone has the performance technologies to help satisfy your needs. Check out our Tire Catalog to find the perfect set of tires for your Ford Taurus.

* Repairability of DriveGuard tires depends on the tire damage, amount of pressure loss, and vehicle operating conditions.  Contact a Bridgestone retailer for details.

** Based on rolling resistance in lab testing comparing Ecopia EP422 Plus (215/60R16) to Firestone FR710 (P215/60R16) when new (excludes original equipment tires). Actual results may vary based on tire maintenance, vehicle, driving style and road conditions. Limitations apply.

***Subject to limitations and exceptions. See warranty manual for details.