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Environmental mission statement

The Environmental Mission Statement continues to portray the Bridgestone’s unchanging environmental philosophy— “to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations.” It also covers three areas of environmental progress*1 and two core strategies for growth*2. We are currently practicing environmental management activities based on the Environmental Mission Statement. This refinement enables Bridgestone to enhance the commitment to a diverse range of environmental activities that go beyond its already wide-ranging business areas, encompassing initiatives on a global scale by defining the direction of the Bridgestone’s long-term environmental aspirations for the three important environmental perspectives and adding to the three areas of environmental progress and the two core strategies for growth. In order to exist “in harmony with nature,” Bridgestone will develop and utilize technologies that “value natural resources” while addressing the urgent matter of global warming through efforts to “reduce CO2 emissions.” The company clarified the direction of its long-term environmental aspirations while taking decisive action with respect to three important environmental perspectives: ecological conservation, resource conservation and reducing carbon emissions to build a sustainable society.

1 The three areas are “products and services” and “operations,” both actual elements of Bridgestone’s business activities, and “community activities,” which represents Bridgestone’s initiatives that are unrelated to its business activities.

2 The two strategies for growth serve as the platform for supporting Bridgestone’s activities in the three areas of environmental progress and promoting their continual improvement. These two strategies for growth are the “TEAMS (Total Environmental Advanced Management System)” and environmental communication. (TEAMS: Total Environmental Advanced Management System, our own integrated group-wide global environmental management system).