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Eco-tech Concepts

Eco-tech Concepts

High performance goes green, with ECOPIA! Its unique tread pattern delivers stable driving and outstanding braking performance even in wet conditions. And it is really friendly to the earth, because its ECOPIA compound cuts down carbon dioxide emissions drastically.

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Environment Performance

• Lower rolling resistance, better fuel efficiency.

• Cutting-edge technology applied to materials and production. ECOPIA compound reduces rolling resistance, which leads to less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

• A comparative fuel consumption test showed the ECOPIA improves fuel efficiency by 8.1%*.

Safety Perfomance

• High braking performance in the wet.

• Bridgestone's advanced technology reduces rolling resistance while maintaining grip. ECOPIA is a next generation tyre that delivers the best of both worlds.


Combining silica with a coupling agent reduces energy loss and improves rolling resistance.

Environment Friendly Shape

ECOPIA's innovative shape controls stress and deformationduring driving for reduced rolling resistance.

Rib-Linked Blocks

It uniforms ground contact when braking, enhancing braking even in wet conditions. Uniform contact pressure to achieve higher wet peak.