Turanza bridgestone


1. TURANZA tyres are engineered to provide a smooth, comfortable and reliable ride in any condition.

TURANZA touring tyres are built by perfectionists, for perfectionists and achieve performance that luxury vehicles demand. Providing balance between a comfortable silence and stability, TURANZA is ideal for drivers who want a smooth driving experience.

TURANZA is focused on improving comfort without sacrificing handling. Our quiet ride technologies minimise road noise through an advanced noise-cancelling tread design. Innovations in handling capabilities enhance on-road stability and provide resistance to hydroplaning. Improvements in rubber compounds make the TURANZA more durable by enhancing the life of the tread.

You don't have to compromise performance for a more comfortable ride. TURANZA delivers both. Our innovations and attention to detail make this tyre ideal for luxury vehicle owners and perfectionists alike



TURANZA seeks to achieve the high-level balance that luxury car owners seek, combining comfort, security, driving performance, and advanced technology. Utilising cutting-edge tyre technology to achieve the ideal driving conditions for the drivers of world-class cars, TURANZA will constantly improve the drivers' performance.



It's not the distance travelled, it's the quality of experiences life reveals while travelling on Turanza. Take a Journey is a tribute to those unforgettable moments of premium comfort.


Turanza AR-20 – Refined Safety and Comfort
Turanza AR-20 – Refined Safety and Comfort
Ideal for premium sedans, with superior stress-free...
Ideal for premium sedans, with superior stress-free comfort and performance especially over long distances and higher speeds.
A great match for luxury cars, with smooth ride, low...
A great match for luxury cars, with smooth ride, low noise, slick handling, plus exceptional dry and wet traction.
First Class Comfort
First Class Comfort