Toyota Prius Tires

Bridgestone has a wide variety of tire options for your Toyota Prius.

Our Passion is Delivering Performance for your Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the hybrid that started it all. With an EPA-estimated 51 mpg city/48 mpg highway/50 mpg combined, the Prius is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in America, thanks in large part to its clean, quiet hybrid powertrain. Clearly, Prius owners are some of the smartest, most efficient drivers on the road. That’s why you should choose Bridgestone tires for your Toyota Prius.

Bridgestone has an array of tires for Prius owners to choose from. The Turanza Serenity Plus tire is an ideal choice for your Toyota Prius because it is built for perfectionists, by perfectionists. This tires gives you solid performance in both wet and dry conditions, while the Serenity technology adds a supremely quiet and smooth ride. Part of the DNA of the Prius is eco-efficiency. That’s why the Ecopia EP20 tire may be a great fit for your Toyota Prius. This tire offers low rolling resistance to help enhance gas mileage without sacrificing performance.

Bridgestone has the performance technologies to satisfy your needs. Check out our Tire Catalog to find the perfect set of tires for your Toyota Prius.