B-SELECT: The premium passenger tire care service center -All-in-one treatment for your car

B-select is Bridgestone premium Passenger Tires Care Service Center. This is a model that had been studied and developed by Bridgestone in order to provide the excellent quality experiences for customers to enjoy Bridgestone’s tire and car care services.

A mission-driven idea into actions: “Serving Society with Superior Quality”

Bridgestone came up with the idea of B-select concept in 2005 when Bridgestone Australia conducted a large-scale customer behavior research project and realized that lots of customers wanted to experience a tire care service that can offer comforts and convenience.

Understanding the customers’ need, Bridgestone has conducted research and build up the idea of a leading tire care service center. At Bridgestone’s tire care shop, customers can experience a completely modern space with adherence to strict quality standards such as clean service areas, modern machinery and equipment; well-trained technical and sales staffs, especially the unique and comfortable waiting lounge area aiming to optimize the comfort of customers.

Car and tire care in Vietnam: An unsolved problem

The quality of service provided to customers is one of the criteria to which Bridgestone pay most attention from the very first day when entering Vietnamese market. At that time, tire shops are mostly traditional tire retailers with small spaces and limited business models, which did not bring the ultimate satisfaction to customers when using the service.

Along with the quality of service, each customer themselves is not equipped with the knowledge of the importance of tire care and maintenance. Even now, with the increasing demand and usage of cars, many customers still do not take tire care and maintenance seriously. Instead, they just go to the repair facility whenever their cars encounter troubles.

B-select - Enjoy global standards in Vietnam

Inheriting the stringent quality standards of Bridgestone worldwide, the first B-select in Vietnam in 2012 created a new wave in the market with a clean service area, modern equipment and professionally trained technical staff in the tire industry.

B-select is equipped with modern machinery and a team of professionally trained technicians

Proudly being one of the leading car care models in the world, B-select has been and being a trusted location in Vietnam. Not only does it offer genuine tire products and services ranging from tires to spare parts such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing, oil change, battery ... Bridgestone also optimizes the experience of waiting customers into relaxing comfort through interior design resembling a coffee shop


Not just an ideal place to buy tire...

B-select is also a "relaxing space" for customers waiting in the lounge area 

Information about tires, safety driving or tire promotions, tire replacement for luxury cars, and other products will be placed on display shelves or broadcasted on Bridgestone's TV channel while customers are waiting for their cars.

Customers could find out more knowledge about safety drive tips, product information and Bridgestone promotions while waiting

With the rapid development of the market, the Institute for Industry Policy and Strategy (IPSI) predicts that Vietnam could reach 1.85 million vehicles in 2035. To meet the increasing demand of the market, Bridgestone Vietnam is constantly improving and developing their systems. Up to now, B-select model has been available in almost all major cities and provinces in the country with guaranteed quality by Bridgestone worldwide standards. Customers can receive car care services at Bridgestone Premium Passenger Tire Care Service Center (B-select) listed below:

About Bridgestone Corporation

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world.