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Bridgestone authorized tires warranty policy


Bridgestone Vietnam sends its recommendation to vehicle’s owners to choose and buy authorized tires distributed from Bridgestone’s official dealers to ensure product benefits, warranty policy, and above all, self-safety and family safety on every journey.

Reasons to choose authorized tires

Do you know contact area of tire on the road is just the same size as one’s palm? In fact, the tire is an important part directly affecting vehicle’s performance, smoothness and especially passengers’ safety. When a vehicle increases its speed, there is a gradual increase in the pressure and temperature of the vehicle. If a tire is not fully compliant with the strict standards , the suitable design for the characteristics of each type of terrain or area as well as appropriate maintenance for the tires’ longevity, there is a high chance of resulting in tragic accidents.

However, unfortunately a number of vehicle owners now do not have enough information and pay proper attention in choosing a reliable source of tires before making decisions to buy them. Some people still prefer cheap price over other factors. As a result, customers end up buying tires sold by parallel importers.

The difference between Bridgestone authorized tires and parallel import tires

Bridgestone authorized tires and parallel import tires all look identical in shape, structure and feature. However, Bridgestone authorized tires have significant differences in terms of suitability, quality, distributor, and warranty policy – after-sales service exclusively for customers in Vietnam:

1. Bridgestone authorized tires are distributed by Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC, a part of Bridgestone Group. Meanwhile, parallel import tires are bought from many dealers in neighboring countries and then shipped back to Vietnam for distribution by unauthorized companies.

2. Bridgestone authorized tires are researched and developed based on factors and standards of quality, adaptation to the terrain and weather conditions in Vietnam. Bridgestone has applied groove structure and special design of tires to each market to make sure that they suitable for each region, with a commitment to tire quality and safely operating performance on all journeys as well as assurance about the tire life.

3. Bridgestone authorized tires before reaching customers have to go through extremely strict check steps on the suitability of conditions and climate in Vietnam as well as the standard of tire quality inspection of the government agency.

4. Only Bridgestone tires are covered by a warranty policy for a period of 7 years from the date of manufacturing at the official distributors of Bridgestone Vietnam (for defects caused by the manufacturer).

Activation program for Bridgestone authorized tires warranty policy

To ensure that you buy the authorized Bridgestone tires as well as your benefits about warranty and safety, please follow these specific guidelines below:

1. Find Bridgestone warranty stamp on each tire when buying tires from the official distributors of Bridgestone Vietnam.

2. Ensure that your warranty is confirmed by a Bridgestone warranty stamp, each stamp with only one code.

3. Send a text message using the following format: BSTVN <distance> BH <distance> WARRANTY CODE to 6089 to activate WARRANTY PROGRAM UP TO 7 YEARS. After receiving the warranty confirmation message from Bridgestone Vietnam, please compare those numbers from the text message with the ones on the tire you bought.

Please note that after successfully activating the message, Bridgestone Vietnam Customer Care department will contact you to give you more updates about necessary information to give maximum protection for the benefits of customers.

Bridgestone, committed to "Serving Society with Superior Quality", will protect the benefits of customers in accordance with Vietnamese Law on Protection of Consumer Rights:

1. Safety Rights

2. Right to access information

3. Right-to-choose

4. Right-to-listen

5. Rights to claim compensation

6. Right to education and training on consumption

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