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In recent years, global warming has reached alarming levels, the government and environmental organizations increasingly alert to educate and raise awareness about the importance of green environmental. As eco-conscious tire manufacturer, Bridgestone constantly strive to research and develop the new Ecopia product - the outstanding fuse of cutting-edge Bridgestone technologies, not only fuel saving, but also friendly environment, contributing to maintain a green environment Ecopia tires are designed by Bridgestone's advanced technology ensures a balance between features: fuel-saving, environmental protection, increased safety.
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How can CO2 emissions be reduced while driving?

Fuel efficiency is key in reducing CO2 emissions during driving. When it comes to tyres, lower rolling resistance results in better fuel-efficiency. See Environmental Performance for details.
You may mistakenly think that lower rolling resistance can be dangerous, leading to less effective braking performance.
Bridgestone's advanced technology, however, realizes a tyre that combines lower rolling resistance with sustained braking performance. That tyre is ECOPIA. High in quality and environmentally friendly, it is a tyre that embodies our environmental slogan - One Team, One Planet- and an ideal choice for a trendsetter such as yourself.
lop xe ecopia bridgestone
The latest in our ECOPIA range, the EP300 is...
The latest in our ECOPIA range, the EP300 is engineered for superior performance, which gives you better safety and increased savings.
Advanced low-rolling resistance and eco-saving...
Advanced low-rolling resistance and eco-saving benefits without compromising safety and wear life.
Industry-leading low-rolling resistance without...
Industry-leading low-rolling resistance without sacrificing safety and wear life
Ecopia technology has found its way into the SUV...
Ecopia technology has found its way into the SUV category with the new EP850. Incorporating ECO technology to give you unparalleled experience and wet braking performance at lower fuel consumption compared to conventional tyres, the EP850 rolls on low resistance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Saving money and going green now comes together in EP850.