Dodge Challenger Tires

Bridgestone tires help you access the full potential of the iconic Challenger.

Unleash Your Dodge Challenger  

As a modern day interpretation of a classic 1970’s muscle car, the Dodge Challenger is a car that provides ample amounts of power and handling. Not just any tire will meet the Challenger’s performance requirements. You need a tire that can handle the Challenger’s torque while still maintaining a comfortable ride. Fortunately, Bridgestone has a solution.

Bridgestone tires can help you access the full potential of this automotive icon. The Turanza Serenity Plus tire is the perfect choice for those looking for a Dodge Challenger tire. As a luxury sedan tire, the Serenity Plus features solid performance while maintaining long treadwear and a smooth ride. For the driver who wants to go anywhere no matter what kind of weather, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 tire is the ideal match when choosing winter tires for your Dodge Challenger. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 tire is developed for the driver who needs premium performance during winter’s demanding snow covered roads. Our DriveGuard run-flat tires are engineered to take a puncture and keep moving up to 50 miles at up to 50 mph.*

Bridgestone has the performance technologies to help satisfy your needs. Check out our Tire Catalog to find the perfect set of tires for your Dodge Challenger.

*Repairability of DriveGuard tires depends on the tire damage, amount of pressure loss, and vehicle operating conditions. Contact a Bridgestone retailer for details.