Turanza bridgestone


When you ride on TURANZA GR-100 tyres, you can feel and hear the difference that First Class Comfort makes. Climb aboard and experience the highest level of premium comfort available.





TURANZA GR-100, the latest Bridgestone product which provides superior degree of comfort, featuring advanced technologies and decades of accmulated R&D to complement the performance of world-class luxury sedans.




Asymmetrical Sidewalls


By changing the shape of the sidewalls on the GR-100, you can enjoy outstanding straight-line traveling dynamics. The asymmetrical design also suppresses the lateral forces caused by uneven or undulating roads.




Asymmetrical Pattern



The interior tread pattern features grooves that have been placed closer to the inside of the tyre to greatly improve the dispersion of water for easy, comfortable handling in rain.




The outer tread makes use of an enlarged size block that improves stability for confident driving comfort on highways and in straightaways.








To produce TURANZA GR-100, the most advanced noise reducing tyre comes in two-faceted approach. First, development of new technologies to minimise the production of noise and implemented ways to minimise the transmission of noise into the cabin.




Silent AC Block
The Silent AC Block features a rounded 3D design that optimises contact with the road to minimise the production of noise. This design also remains effective as the tyres wear.


3D Helmholtz Resonator
The newly developed 3D Helmholtz Resonator is more compact than previous systems, allowing for the placement of additional resonators on all four of the grooves to dissapate air pressure before it can becomes noise.


3D Diamond Pattern
A newly developed 3D Diamond Pattern on the inside of the GR-100 dampens this vibration to prevent it from passing through the tyre to become noise.







Through leading compound technology, the GR-100 makes driver’s feel comfortable behind the wheel.




Advanced Compound

The GR-100 uses an advanced silica compound that has been designed to deliver excellent performance on wet and dry roads, while reducing rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

Square Shoulder Design

The Square Shoulder design ensures a flatter contact surface to minimise irregular wear for complete confidence on the road.


  Tyre Size LI & SS
15 185/65 R15  88V 
195/65 R15  91V 
205/65 R15  94V 
195/60 R15  88V 
205/60 R15  91V 
195/55 R15  85V 
16 205/65 R16  95V 
205/60 R16  92V 
215/60 R16  95V 
225/60 R16  98W 
235/60 R16  100W
205/55 R16  91V
215/55 R16  93V 
225/55 R16  95V 
17 215/55 R17  94W 
225/55 R17  97W 
235/55 R17  99W 
215/50 R17  91W 
225/50 R17  94W 
215/45 R17  87W 
215/45 R17  91W 
225/45 R17  91W 
235/45 R17  94W 
235/45 R17  97W 
245/45 R17  95W 
18 235/50 R18  97W 
245/50 R18  100W 
225/45 R18  91W 
245/45 R18  96W 
245/45 R18  100W 
255/45 R18  103W 
275/45 R18  103W 
225/40 R18  88W 
245/40 R18  93W 
19 245/45 R19  98W
255/45 R19  100W 
245/40 R19  94W 
275/40 R19  101W