Trucks will begin to degrade when traveling for a long time. This is caused by many objective reasons such as weather conditions, bad terrain that makes tires wear quickly, and hard engine vibrations. Besides, there are careless mistakes from drivers such as driving at too high speed, without changing truck tires periodically or maintenance. Here are 4 mistakes that drivers often make that cause trucks to degrade quickly.

1. Driving at an unstable speed

Drivers who love speedy drives often suddenly accelerate on empty roads and brake quickly when encountering red lights or obstacles. This habit negatively affects some parts of the truck. It can be mentioned that the brake system under great pressure will quickly degrade each time you brake quickly. The engine is also affected significantly because of rapid wear when operating with high and unstable power. When braking sharply, the tire slips, wears out quickly, if it has not been changed for a long time, the tire will be thinner and cause the tire to bulge.

Drivers, especially long-road drivers, need to pay attention to keeping a stable speed, this helps prolong the life of the truck. 

Driving at an unstable speed affects the tires

2. The fuel drops below the safe level

Drivers sometimes forget to monitor the fuel gauge when continuously driving. When the fuel is below a safe level, usually less than E, it causes the pump to get hotter than usual and the fuel injectors to be damaged. Sometimes, drivers forget to fill up with gas, so they have to drive when the fuel tank is almost empty. This has a bad effect on the truck engine because gasoline often contains a lot of dirt at this time.

3. Less truck maintenance

One mistake that causes trucks to degrade quickly is that drivers often forget to maintain their vehicles within the manufacturer's recommended time limit. Vehicles with little maintenance will not detect signs of wear, especially parts that cannot be directly observed. Therefore, the engine and internal systems operating for a long time are damaged and cost a considerable amount of repair and replacement costs. Trucks should be serviced every 5000km, so the maintenance milestones are 5000km, 10000km, 15000km. During routine maintenance, the staff at the garage or maintenance place will check the cooling system, brake system, truck engine and change the oil filter, air filter accordingly. 

4. Not changing truck tires periodically

Truck tires are important parts bearing the pressure of the entire truckload and frequent friction with the road surface. Therefore, the tire is where many problems occur such as tire wear, bulging, punctured tires. Truck drivers are often subjective, they think that it is not necessary to change truck tires often as cars or motorbikes because truck tires have high durability. However, truck tires that are used for a long time will wear out and need to be changed for safety. In addition, choosing which truck tires depends on the weather and terrain. To ensure the best fit, drivers should periodically check and change truck tires at reputable and quality maintenance places.

Periodically changing truck tires assure every journey

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