We need to replace truck tires after a long time of driving to ensure safety. Replacing tires at the right time helps to keep the speed and comfort at their best while driving. In addition, drivers need to pay attention to some factors related to tire prices to choose the right tires and save costs. Please refer to the article below to replace truck tires at the right time and get to know the reasonable price for truck tires.

1.    What situations do we need to buy a new truck tire?

Tire tread less than 1.5mm worn

Tire tread is an indicator of tire wear. Tire tread can be observed visually or measured with a dedicated tread gauge. If the tread has worn less than 1.5mm, it should be replaced with a new tire.

Tires are worn unevenly

Truck tires can be worn more in some places such as the groove between the tire or the sides of the tire. This means that the tires are under-inflated or over-inflated for a long time. In those cases, the truck will have a lot of friction with the road surface, moving slowly, and easily wearing out or skid. If you notice that the tires are worn unevenly, the driver should change the tires to ensure better driving speed and traction.

The truck gets rough while driving

Sometimes the tire has no abnormal external signs when checking, the driver can notice damages based on the sensing vibration when driving. If the truck makes loud noises and is rough when moving, it should be taken to a service center for inspection.

Detect damaged tires based on sensing vibrations and rough while driving.

2.    Time to replace new tires

Truck tires need to be replaced after driving from 50,000km to 60000km. According to experts, tires need to be replaced after 5 years, or up to 10 years even when the car with less driving and tires are still in good condition. However, each type of tire has a different lifespan, to know the exact time to replace the tire, the driver should consult the information from the warranty service.

3.    What is the reasonable price for truck tires

On the current market, many tire brands meet quality standards and produce reputable tires. Tires are combined with many features such as noise reduction, shock absorption, increased traction with many different prices. To know the reasonable price for truck tires, drivers need to determine the type of tire that is most suitable for the truck and the topography when driving.

If the truck only moves on the highway, the road surface is smooth, you should choose a tire with a simple tread structure. Do not choose a tire with a large tread because this type of tire often makes more noise than the type with thin treads. If the car often moves on rough roads, the driver should choose tires with durability and long life. For trucks that have to move a lot in the rainy season or wet road surface, the driver should pay attention to choose tires with maximum traction.

When determining the most suitable tire for the truck, the driver needs to refer to the price list for truck tires posted on the main website of the tire brand. For more specific advice on tire prices, drivers should go to truck tire centers or maintenance garages. The consultant will give the most accurate advice on the type of tire and the prices for truck tires.

Bridgestone has a wide range of tires for different car models

Bridgestone truck tires are among the top three best-selling tire brands in the world. As a brand from Japan, Bridgestone aims at high standards in product quality while ensuring reasonable prices for customers. Bridgestone tire brand also owns many tire distribution locations, maintenance centers, drivers can go there to replace new tires quickly and professionally with the affordable prices for truck tires.

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