5 criteria to keep in mind when choosing truck tires


Trucks are responsible for transporting a significant volume of products over great distances. As a result, truck tires must fulfill greater operational quality and safety standards. Here are five considerations for selecting high-quality, high-performance truck tires that drivers should keep in mind.

1.    5 criteria when choosing truck tires

a.     Tire Brand

The tire brand is the first criteria to consider when you want to buy tires. Reputable brands and trusted by customers are the factors that ensure and commit to the quality of tires. Each tire brand has its own advantages, suitable for each model of vehicle. People who want to buy tires should also refer to many different tire brands, to choose the most suitable tire for their vehicle.

Tires of the Bridgestone brand are globally trusted

b.    Truck tires price list:

The second criteria that greatly affects the tire selection is the truck tires price list. Each tire line has different outstanding features, so the cost is also different. Therefore, drivers should refer to the truck tires price list to choose a product that has a reasonable cost and suitable for their needs. Tire prices are usually listed on the official website of that tire brand. In addition, drivers can go to agencies and distributors to consult tire prices before buying. Please note that drivers should not buy tires that are too cheap without ensuring quality and may affect the driving experience.

c.     Tires suitable for the terrain:

Each type of terrain requires a different type of tire. Choosing the right type of tires can both increase ride comfort and performance while maintaining tire life. For vehicles that often travel for long distances, on highways, and flat national roads, it is suitable for tires with small treads and smooth tire structure. For vehicles running on rough and rocky terrain, it is necessary to equip tires with deep spikes, hard and durable tire structures. When traveling in the rainy season, on the slippery surface, you should prioritize tires with high traction.

Choose tires that are suitable for the terrain

d.    Tire Traction

The traction of truck tires affects the braking force as well as the safety of driving. Vehicles moving through slippery roads or sandy surfaces, tires with low traction are prone to slip and rotate when braking sharply. In contrast, tires with high traction make it accelerates more slowly and have a higher braking performance, and the car stops quickly when braking sharply. On the sidewall of the tire, the tire's traction index is shown after the word "Traction". “AA” is the tire with the best traction, next are “A”, “B”, and “C” level is the lowest.

e.    Maximum load of tire:

Trucks often carry tons of goods, have a large capacity, sometimes exceeding the standard load of the tires. Therefore, drivers should read the maximum load index printed on the sidewall when buying a tire. The load index should be equal to or greater than the normal cargo capacity of the vehicle to ensure safety. The load index needs to be converted according to the maximum load table, for example, the load index on the tire is 90, which means the maximum load of the tire is 600 kg.

2.    Some notes to increase truck tires performance

Tire performance includes steering stability, ride comfort, quietness, wet and dry handling, product life, and fuel economy. Ensuring these factors, you can have a smooth, comfortable, and cost-effective driving experience. To increase tire performance, drivers should check and adjust the correct tire pressure to reduce noise while driving. In addition, the tires with smooth tire structure, thin treads may bring a smooth, quiet, and low-noise driving feeling. Drivers should perform tire rotation after about 10,000 km of travel to balance the wear between the front and rear wheels. Normal tires will no longer be used after about 6 years. Therefore, when changing a new tire, the driver should choose the tire with the closest production time to prolong the time when the tire is damaged and replaced. Finally, use tires that save fuel by low rolling resistance like the Ecopia tires from the Bridgestone brand.

Bridgestone is a reputable tire brand from Japan, with anti-slip spikes designed to reduce friction but still ensure high traction. The plus of Bridgestone tires is that they have a mid-range price, while the quality of Bridgestone tires is in the high-end group, trusted in many countries. In Vietnam, Bridgestone tires are popular and widely distributed. Bridgestone tires are fully equipped with the manufacturer's features and ensure driving performance. Drivers who want to buy tires should refer to the truck tires price list at the official website or nationwide maintenance and warranty centers.