How to choose a tire inflator for each car model?


The driver must have faced a situation where the tires were softer or underinflated during the trip. Or the car is in the parking lot, garage for too long, and has a flat tire. Unlike motorbikes, which can be stopped at a roadside for inflation, or taken immediately to a motorbike garage, the drivers need to prepare themselves with a tire inflator so that they can use it immediately when needed.

Here are some tips to choose a tire inflator for each car model.

1.     The tire inflator capacity suitable for tire size

Tire inflator capacity is the amount of air that is pumped into the tire over a period of time. If the inflator has a large capacity, the tire is inflated faster, whereas a small pump needs more time to inflate the tire. Therefore, if your vehicle uses large tires, it is advisable to choose a large capacity inflator to reduce the time of inflation. Meanwhile, a small capacity inflator will be more suitable for vehicles that only use tires with small wheel diameters.

Pickup trucks, SUVs, MPVs need inflators with a large capacity of 60-80 L/P or more, with 2 cylinders or 1 cylinder. Using too small capacity inflators for vehicles that need a large amount of air will lead to inflator damage because of overcapacity. In contrast, with small vehicles such as 7-seat cars or less, to save costs, drivers can choose inflators with small capacity.

2.     The tire inflator design is suitable for the tire size

Choose a tire inflator with a suitable capacity for the tire size

There are many tire inflator designs available for you to buy, drivers should choose depending on the type of tire, habits, or conditions when inflating. The foot pump is an inflator using the foot to push air into the tire, suitable for all types of tires and many vehicles. A foot pump is convenient and can be carried in the car to inflate the tires in any condition. However, a foot pump requires a lot of power, it is only suitable for vehicles with small tires.

Vehicles with large tires will need electric tires to ensure large capacity, which is enough air and save human effort. Electric tire inflators are divided into two types, 12V electric mini-inflators on cars and an inflator connected to battery power. Some inflators run on rechargeable batteries attached to the inflator body. Because the battery is integrated with small cars, from 7 seats or less so the capacity of the inflator is quite small.

3.     The inflator size is proportional to the tire

Large-diameter tires used in vehicles such as pickups, SUVs, and crossovers need to be inflated a lot. Tyre inflator sizes are also large to ensure a strong operating capacity. Meanwhile, sedans or MPV family cars often use tires of moderate diameter. The amount of air to be pumped is not as large as sports cars, off-road. The inflator recommended for these vehicles is a smaller size to reduce costs and has a moderate capacity.

Drivers should choose the design of tire inflators depending on the tire type

5.     Tyre inflator with LED light

Sports cars, road trips for racers conquering long distances will often travel for many days. In case the tires soften at night, do not forget to bring a tire inflator with LED light. A compact mini inflator that can be stored in the car trunk, with LED lighting is the most suitable for this vehicle. In addition, the inflator with LED light is also convenient in many cases of inflating tires in dark places.

6.     Tyre inflators with many features

Tire inflators combined with vacuuming features are suitable for passenger cars that need regular cleaning. Or the tire inflator can automatically turn off when it has inflated enough air to ensure that the standard tire pressure is not too inflated or too soft. This type of inflator is suitable for all vehicles because of its convenience.

7.     Reputable brand, origin

Each tire manufacturer usually produces a tire inflator specifically for that vehicle. Because of understanding of each vehicle, the manufacturer designs the inflator with compatible features. For example, there are inflators branded Toyota, Japan AIK, Mini Xiaomi Mijia

Bridgestone is a brand that manufactures a wide range of car tires with many different tire sizes, with high durability, serving all the speed needs of drivers and all roads. When choosing Bridgestone tires for cars or trucks, and with the suggestions above, the drivers will not have to wonder about choosing which tire inflator to buy.