6 signs that you need to replace tires


Tires with abnormal signs do not guarantee the safety of the driver as well as other people on the road. Here are 6 signs when you need to replace your tires to avoid unfortunate incidents.

1.    Tires used for more than 6 years

Tire experts recommend that tires should be replaced after 6 years of use. For tires that are new and well-maintained, you can use up to 10 years then they should be replaced. To know the usage time of the tire, the drivers look at the tire production time printed on the sidewall. 4 digits indicating the week number and year of manufacture of the tire are usually printed on the sidewall of the tire. Based on the time of production, it is possible to know if it is time to replace tires or not.

The driver should replace the tire after 6 years of use

2.    Maximum Travel Distance

Each type of tire has a different maximum travel distance requiring replacement of tires. Some tires have a warranty of 130,000 km, while some tires are only in good condition for the first 50,000 km. Drivers should note the time when it is necessary to replace tires so that the tires are always in the new and safest condition.

3.    Uneven tire wear:

Uneven tire wear can easily lead to deformation and cracking of tires at worn positions. Drivers should pay attention to the tread depth, if the tread has uneven depth, it is necessary to replace a new tire or adjust the tire pressure. Tires are worn out on both sides of the tire because the tire is often under-inflated. If the tire is worn in the middle of the tread, the tire is overinflated. To balance the tires, drivers should note that the tire pressure needs to match the standard tire pressure printed on the sidewall.

4.    Tires are deformed:

Tires can be deformed after having problems such as strong impact, punctured, and the road being overheated in the summer. The surface of the tire appears bulging and peeling, which can easily lead to puncture and tire explosion if unfortunately, has nails in tires or friction on the road. Cracks are a sign that the tire has been used for too long and needs to be replaced. To detect tire deformation and determine if the tire is safe to drive, drivers should check their tires periodically. Technicians at maintenance centers will advise on how to repair or replace the tires.

5.    The vehicle shakes while traveling:

While driving, drivers can also detect signs of tire instability if the vehicle shakes, vibrates, or makes strange noises. The vibration of the vehicle indicates that the tires may be bent, misaligned, or out of balance. When the tire is worn, the indicator bar will also make a warning sound. Therefore, when the vehicle is not moving smoothly, it is a sign that it is time to replace the tires.

6.    Low brake performance:

When the brake performance is reduced, the safety of the trip will be decreased. A sign of reduced brake effectiveness is when braking the vehicle takes a long time to stop completely because the tire is no longer has good traction. When detecting that the vehicle’s brakes are not as effective as usual, drivers should check the brakes as well as the tires. If tires are the cause of brake failure, drivers should replace the tires.

Bridgestone's Diamond Warranty for tires

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