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Ho Chi Minh city, 21 July 2017, Bridgestone Vietnam officially announces the final list of 10 selected customers who will participate in the “Experience the comfort with Bridgestone Turanza GR100” program.

Bridgestone Vietnam has officially launched the program “Experience the comfort with Bridgestone Turanza GR100” in Hanoi, aiming to offer the opportunity for customers to validate the quality of the premium tire GR100. Communicated widely on public media from 12 to 19 July 2017, the program received positive feedback and many customers have signed up for it.

1. Nguyen Chi Anh

2. Vu Thi Huong Giang

3. Nguyen Thanh Luong

4. Nguyen Hieu Linh

5. Nguyen Thuc Hoang Linh

6. Đang Cong Minh

7. Le Thi Thuy Phuong

8. Nguyen Hoai Nam

9. Ha Duc Tung

10. Nguyen Hong Vinh

Attend customer will be provided with 4 Turanza GR100 tires compatible with the car he/she has. At the same time, these customers will receive free car check and wheel balancing service at B-select Dan Chu (140 Tran Phu, Ha Dong, Hanoi) and B-select Thai Phuong (B1-2, Viet Hung town, Viet Hung, Long Bien, Hanoi).

Tire change and wheel balancing service will be carried out from 25 to 27 July 2017. The customers will have about 30 days to experience the quality of Bridgestone Turanza GR100 in their daily drive.

Bridgstone has been well known for the tires with highly safe operation and durability in all terrains and is always the top of mind choice for credible car manufacturers.

In recent years, the economy of Vietnam is developing very fast, and the demand for passenger cars is increasing accordingly. Car owners, therefore, have higher expectation on the tires for their cars. Besides the safety and durability, the smoothness and comfort brought up by the tires are not less important.

Capturing that trend, Bridgestone has researched and introduced Turanza tire to Vietnam market. This is the most superior tire range dedicated for luxury sedan across the globe, combining all the elements of safety, smoothness and durability.

The program “Experience the comfort with Bridgestone Turanza GR100” offered the chance for customers to have real experience with this first-class tire. The program is the demonstration for Bridgestone’s confidence in the quality of its products, one of the success factors of the world largest tire company.

About Bridgestone Vietnam

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world.