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Bridgestone Vietnam's dealer conference socalled "Driving Leadership with Dedication" was taken place at Pullman Hotel, Vung Tau with the participation of 200 representatives from the Bridgestone dealers across the country.

This was the annual event of Bridgestone Vietnam to look back, mark as well as celebrate all the achievements during the whole past year. The year was considered as a meaningful year when all members had actively conveyed the message "Driving Leadership with Dedication" to such a challenging market as Vietnam.

Dealer conference is a sums up for a year of "Driving Leadership with Dedication" of Bridgestone

"Driving Leadership with Dedication" and good values

2017 was a successful year for Bridgestone as it continued to maintain its leading position. Adopting the motto "Serving Society with Superior Quality", Bridgestone always regarded "Dedication" as a guide for all activities from business to the aspiration of creating the best values for society and community, not only in the time being but for the future generations.

With the expectation of becoming the perfect safety companion for customers on every road, Bridgestone's Tire Safety" program had taken care of nearly 1,000 vehicles nationwide. Within the same year, the program "Drive home safe with Bridgestone" has helped to equip reflectors for more than 3,500 trucks and buses. Through these programs, Bridgestone shared and raised the awareness of drivers and car owners regarding safe driving, not only for themselves, but for the benefit of others who are involved in the transport.

The environmental project “Keep the country clean and green for a better life" has provided nearly 200 "smart bins" with lots of unique and useful features to many big cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hue, as well as installed 4 more bicycles purifier in Ho Chi Minh City. This was just a small action but with enthusiasm, Bridgestone hoped to bring positive changes to the community and spread the message of protecting the environment and making the cities become cleaner - nicer – and more civilized to the local as well as visitors.

Navigate to the youngsters - the future of the country, Bridgestone organized a program "Accompanying with Vietnamese students", a program aimed at helping students overcome difficulties through sponsoring scholarships, creating the playground "Passionate Journey" which helped students to have opportunities to experience a professional and integrated work environment, prepared themselves for future careers.

Follow your dream, success will follow you

On this occasion, in response to the spirit of the Olympics, Bridgestone has co-operated with the Disability Association of Vung Tau to organize an entertainment program to exchange and connect dealers with disabilities people before the Dealer Conference 2017. Through various sports activities, dealers had accompanied with handicapped athletes to conquer many obstacles to win prizes as valuable gifts, help them have a better life, better conditions to pursue their dreams, and have more faith in compassion hearts in life. The program also inspired Bridgestone members and motivated them to conquer their own challenges and dreams.

Bridgestone's Vung Tau City Mobility is very moving and deeply inspiring participants

No man is an island in the success journey. Bridgestone is fortunate to receive the companion of dealers in the journey of completing our great mission. The passion, creativity, trusts and support of all members was a platform for Bridgestone to rise higher and further in bringing the human values to the community.

The Transfer - A new beginning

A year of Bridgestone‘s "Driving Leadership with Dedication" journey could be successful, first of all, is come from the generous unanimous contribution of the Bridgestone member. Besides, thanks to the ingenious leadership strategy of the company, especially Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, our predecessor General Director, with his close-knit four-year term. In the near future, Mr. Hiroyuki Saito’s devotion and aspiration to maintain the leading position of Vietnamese tire industry will be entrusted to the new General Director, Mr. Chris Yang. This is an important milestone for Bridgestone Vietnam as well as Vietnam tire industry.

The transfer between the Bridgestone Vietnam former General Director and new General Director promises a new start for Vietnamese tire industry.

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