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Ho Chi Minh City, November 16th 2015 – Car Care Day 2015 was officially held at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi on 14th and 15th of November 2015. The event is part of the continuous efforts of Bridgestone Vietnam and Benh Vien O To in offering the most comprehensive range of car care services to drivers in Vietnam. This is the third consecutive year that the event is being held.

This year’s Car Care Day was joined by the top six brands in the automotive segment, which include Shell, GS, BMW, Bosch, 3M and Liberty. The event also advocated the United Nations global message of “Do not text and drive”, with the aim of establishing a safer and more pleasant traffic environment in Vietnam.

Intensive and professional services

Besides offering thorough car care services for customers, Car Care Day - a part of the event series “For Viet Auto Community” aims at building up and disseminate the community centric activities. During the last three years, Car Care Day has remained its attraction to customers. Within two days, the event attracted more than 400 cars and 800 car owners.

“The Vietnam automotive market is predicted to reach the volume of 200,000 units in 2015, an increase of 38% when compared to 2014. This results in a significant growth in the demand for authentic and verified knowledge about automotive care and usage. Therefore, Bridgestone Vietnam and Benh Vien O To decided to expand the scale of the Car Care Day event by providing a wider range of professional services to customers”, said Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam.

Besides the two co-organizers Bridgestone Vietnam and Benh Vien O To, this year’s event attracted the participation of six top brands in the automotive segment – a new record for the Car Care Day events. With a wider range of services available at this year’s event, the duration spent on each vehicle’s care and servicing increased to 65 minutes per car.

At the event, the organizers reported that over 55% of customers were not able to change tires by themselves (+5% compared to 2014), 26% of cars needed changing oil (+6%), 54% of cars requested paint care (+11% compared to last year), up to 81% of batteries needed cleaning service (+4% from Car Care Day 2014), 36% of cars were under electronic errors (+ 7%).

For community, let’s take a pledge “Do not text and drive”

Besides car care, maintenance, and consulting activities, Car Care Day 2015 featured two main activities: raising customers’ awareness of safe driving, and advocating social activities.

To raise the awareness of safe driving, the event introduced and advocated the United Nation’s global message of “Do not text and drive”. This is the first time this message is promoted in Vietnam.

Comedian Chi Trung, one of customers at Car Care Day also shared: “As I used to play the role of Traffic Tao God at many year-end galas, I am keenly aware that besides good infrastructure, peoples’ awareness is one of the chief contributors to safe driving. Taking part in Car Care Day for the first time, I feel very excited when joining hands with the event to encourage people to take the ‘Do not text and drive’ pledge, to contribute to safer roads in Vietnam.”

Car Care Day also contributed to the local community by donating all ticket fares to five unfortunate victims from traffic accidents. This is a meaningful activity that Car Care Day has carried out in all events of the program series “For Viet Auto Community” for the last 3 years. 

“This is the third year that the event has taken place and also the third time that I have joined the event. Car Care Day 2015 makes me satisfied at more intensive and thorough car care services with more care steps. I will continue to attend the event in the coming time since it is not only a car care day but an occasion for us to join hands in promoting community activities as well. Besides, I can also have opportunities to meet other car owners and network”, said Mr. Tran Quang Son, a customer joining Car Care Day for the past 3 years.

The event will take place on 19th and 20th of December 2015 at Military Zone 7 Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Car Care Day 2015 attracted over 400 cars and 800 customers for two days Representatives of Bridgestone Vietnam, Benh Vien Oto and sponsors opening the event


Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – General Director of Bridgestone Viet Nam sharing opening speech Mr. Tran Hong Ninh – General Director having a speech at the event


Car Care Day 2015 bringing to customers more professional car services and strong supports 


The event introducing and advocating the United Nation’s global message of “Do not text and drive” in the first time


Mr. Chi Trung taking a pledge to community
“Do not text and drive”
The event donating all ticket fares to five unfortunate victims from traffic accidents

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