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December 31st, 2013, Bridgestone Vietnam just exchanges transportation enterprises in “Bridgestone exchanges with Hai Phong Automobile Transportation Association” with the theme of “Saving transportation fee in tough economy”. This event took place on the occasion of 10 year anniversary on December 27th 2013.

According to current situation, many enterprises are facing a lot of difficulties such as: corporate income tax, toll,  oil & fuel, and other relevant fee in terms of tires, components,…In order to reduce client’s obstacle, Bridgestone Vietnam’s representative has shared “Tires saving fee solution for transportation enterprises”
In this fair, Bridgestone Vietnam has talked to transportation enterprises, and shared the ultimate solution “Bridgestone New Tire, Bandag and service” of selecting and using tire in order to save cost on each mile.
In addition, Mr Pham Huu Tien, director of Bridgestone Bus/Truck Tire service Center – Fleetpoint in Hai Phong, also shared that Bridgestone Vietnam always wants to provide the best support for the customer via professional services and high quality products.