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Ho Chi Minh city, 27 June 2014 - Bridgestone Vietnam (BSTVN) cooperated with BVOT Group to hold successfully the “TIRE AND CAR SERVICE DAY” at B-Select Bich Hien (252 – 254 Nguyen Huu Tho St, Da Nang city) on 15 Jun 2014. This is one of the big events in the program series “For Viet Auto Community 2014”, BSTVN desire to care for customer’s cars comprehensively by many advanced equipment as well as introduce to customers the services of Bridgestone B-Select Channel.

Over 40 cars which came to event were checked up & cared comprehensively about the car & tire at B-Select Bich Hien such as: tire and tread check, pressure check wheel alignment and consultation on the best tire maintenance using high technology equipment Hunter. Besides, the specialists of BVOT supported in refilling coolant, windshield washes, oil checking and guided customers understand clearer about the overall condition of the cars by using electronic error scanner.

 “Attendances will be provided with the best maintenance service. This is the opportunity for the customers to care for their beloved cars and for us, the organizers, to exhibit the responsibility toward the Viet auto community” - Mr. Vo Van Chuan, Director of B-Select Bich Hien in Da Nang, expressed.

Through the technical checkups, the organizers of the program “For Viet Auto Community 2013” has gathered many noticeable statistics:

- More than 50% of customers have never change wheels by themselves

- 33% of cars in traffic have under pressured tires

- For every 7 tires, there is 1 excessively worn tire.

- 66% of cars need maintenance twice annually

The above numbers are reminders for car users to increase knowledge in caring and maintenance of the cars including tires. Being a part of automotive industry, Bridgestone Vietnam, Benh Vien O To, 3M Vietnam and Liberty Insurance Vietnam cooperate to organize “Tire and Car Service Day” with the commitment to build a safe and civilized traffic environment towards the mission of reducing the traffic accidents.

Sharing his thoughts about the program, Mr. Hiroyuki Saito - General Manager of Bridgestone Vietnam said: “With the role of an companion of Vietnamese automotive community, we always desire to share with customers the experience in caring for cars and tires appropriately, timely to help end-users avoid unwanted collisions, accidents on the road. As a part of the program “For Viet Auto Community 2014”, the Tire and Car Service Day promises to bring practical benefits to auto community in Da Nang with advanced equipment at Bridgestone B-Select…”

Besides the benefits to the car owners and users, the Tire and Car Service Day look forward to serving the community with practical activities. The proceeds from customer ticket sales will be donated to fishermen in Da Nang in difficult situations. Through this charitable act, the organizers wish to take some burden and improve the fishermen’s lives.


B-Select Bich Hien Representative and Bridgestone Vietnam Representative cut the ribbon to open event
Donating to fishermen in Da Nang
Checking & consulting with wheel alignment machine – highest technology in Da Nang.
Other services: electronic error scan, refilling coolant, windshield washes, oil checking….

For more information, please access  or hotline 1900 54 54 68