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8 March 2017, Bridgestone - the world's largest tire company has officially opened a Passenger Tire Care Service Center B-shop Tran Duc at No. 219, Highway 14, Tan Xuan ward, Dong Xoai town, Binh Phuoc province. This is the first and only B-shop of Bridgestone in this province.

B-shop Tran Duc – The all-new tire service standard in Binh Phuoc

As the first B-shop in Binh Phuoc, B-shop Tran Duc offers all kinds of tire care services such as Tire Check Service (TCS), tire maintenance advice, nitrogen pumping, lead weight, alloy wheel alignment, proper tire patch, tire roll or appropriate tire consultant, steering wheel alignment, oil change, etc.

Besides serving cars right at the center, B-shop Tran Duc also provides rescue service for emergency tire problems, especially on Highway 14 – the main road through Highland to North Central Coast and South Central Coast. Customers can contact the hotline 0944 07 07 07 at any time problem causes.

B-shop Tran Duc has a large area up to 800 m2, with modern machines such as wheel alignment machine, auto tire changer, balancing machine. As wide open area, B-shop Tran Duc is able to service from 10 to 15 cars at the same time, diminishing the waiting time for customers.

In addition, the lounge is also the new high-end standard which Tran Duc B-shop owns. Fully equipped with television, air conditioner, wifi and drinks, customers can comfortably relax while waiting for car care.

Ms. Truong Thi Huong - B-shop Tran Duc General Director, said: "Since known about B-shop model of Brgidestone Vietnam, we have a desire to upgrade our store in this model. The partnership with Bridgestone has helped B-shop Tran Duc change completely in appearance and quality of service, help us care tire properly, have more thoughtful customer service. And since then, B-shop Tran Duc could be sustainably developing. "

On the opening occasion, from 8th to 31st of March, B-shop Tran Duc offers for customers to get 1 Bridgestone T-shirt when purchasing any 2 Bridgestone tires and 50% service fee off for all services.

Meet the sophisticating needs of the market

Currently, VietNam is a potential market and the number of cars will increase sharply in the near future. However, in fact, the related service industries such as tire service have yet fully met the needs of the large number of car owners because the majority of tire shops are small and lack of equipment. Consequently, Bridgestone Viet Nam has gradually built up a wide network of Passenger Tire Care Service Center to ensurely response beyond the customers’expectations.

B-shop is a model of Passenger Tire Care Service Center that Bridgestone Viet Nam has developed exclusively for domestic market since 2011. From the early presence, B-shop has quickly gained customer confidence and become the all-new full service standard for car owners.

Mr. Truong Hoang Minh - Bridgestone Vietnam Planning & Marketing Manager also shared: "We want customers in any province is likely to experience the Bridgestone service standard at their most convenience. Bridgestone Viet Nam expects that wherever your car is driven to, our B-shop will always be there and become a reliable center when your car needs any service for tire. "

Bridgestone - the world's largest tire company has officially opened a Passenger Tire Care Service Center B-shop Tran Duc at No. 219, Highway 14, Tan Xuan ward, Dong Xoai town, Binh Phuoc province

B-shop Tran Duc owns modern technical equipment according to Bridgestone Vietnam standards

About Bridgestone Vietnam

Bridgestone Vietnam Ltd, Co. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.