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On 28 December 2016, Passenger Tire Care Service Center (B-shop) Thanh Long was officially opened at 3/1 Pham Van Dong street, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc district (200m from Binh Trieu crossroads). It belongs to Bridgestone’s network expansion strategy nationwide to meet increasing customer demands and affirms the unbeatable position of the world largest tire company.

Besides tire products and services, B-shop Thanh Long is one of few stores can offer diversified services including battery, oil change, etc. to save time and costs for customers, tightening the loyalty between customers and Bridgestone.

On the opening occasion, B-shop Thanh Long offers a special promotion, up to 50% off for all services and a set of German-made premium Bosch screw for customers purchasing 2 Bridgestone tires, promotion time is from December 29th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017. 

B-shop Thanh Long – Inherit traditional experience and sharpen tire care quality 

B-shop Thanh Long is located in the gateway to the city center, on the main road Pham Van Dong with high traffic. The opening of the B-shop Thanh Long helps customers in the suburban areas like Thu Duc, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, District 9 and 12 to have their vehicles cared properly under Bridgestone's standard with reasonable cost at their convenience.

Before cooperating with Bridgestone, Thanh Long had had more than 40 years in the tire industry, starting as a wholesaler, then with the experience and market insight, Thanh Long decided to focus on tire service. Thanks to modern facilities and skilled staff, Thanh Long helps solve customers’ vehicles common problems like steering wheel deflection, uneven tire wear, driving floss, steering wheel vibration at high-speed, etc.

Mr. Phan Thanh Long - B-shop Thanh Long Director said: "From the first day, when the concept of car wheel alignment was only available in the developed nations, we realized this technology was definitely important and essential to ensure safety for passenger car. Therefore, B-shop Thanh Long invested a USA-made Hunter machine very soon to catch up this potential demand in Vietnam. We are proud to be a wheel alignment expert in town using Hunter technology from American."

The management model of B-shop Thanh Long is the result of family inheritance combining longtime traditional experience with acumen of the young generation to continuously update and modernize its business. B-shop Thanh Long has a close connection with the major automobile clubs in Ho Chi Minh City and usually offers special incentives for these clubs.

B-shop – One-stop and customer-oriented Passenger Tire Car Service Center 

With the B-shop system, Bridgestone is the pioneer building up a brand news tire business model, keeps the market trend and adds more values to customers. 

B-shop is a model of Passenger Tire Car Service Center that Bridgestone has developed only in Vietnam since in 2012. B-shop meets all Bridgestone standards for spacious dimension, modern facilities and professional technicians to build up a customer-focused tire care environment.

To upgrade the presence of the old and unprofessional tire stores, Passenger Tire Care Service Center (B-shop) has been differentiated themselves by services quality. When visiting B-shop for tire care and vehicle maintenance, customers and their families no longer have to endure engine oil smell or dust but completely enjoy in a well-organized and comfortable lounge designed by Bridgestone.

In the recent years, B-shop has been widely developed in the country to approach customers not only in the big cities but in the provinces. In 2016, B-shop network expansion is enhanced by Bridgestone. By the end of 2016, Bridgestone owns a total of 18 B-shop across the country.

Passenger Tire Care Service Center (B-shop) Thanh Long was officially opened at 3/1 Pham Van Dong Street, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc district

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito- General Director Bridgestone Vietnam delivered the certificate of B-shop standard to Mr. Phan Ha - B-shop Thanh Long owner”

At events of Bridgestone, there are gifts for the underprivileged children

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