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Japanese tire manufacturer, Bridgestone recently introduced its Techno tire for small and medium-sized cars in Vietnam.

As imported tire at competitive price, Bridgestone Techno are produced focusing on customers who need both economic efficiency and high quality. Bridgestone Techno ensures customers peace of mind while driving on urban roads, highway and especially in slippery road conditions.

Small and medium cars (A, B, C segment) are increasingly favored due to reasonable cost for the majority of Vietnamese customers. However, besides the initial cost of ownership, using cost is also a concern of customers, especially the cost of regular spare parts, one of which is tire.

Tire replacement fee is particularly important for cars used in transportation service since its tire change frequency is much higher than individual and family cars. This is the motivation for Bridgestone to introduce this tire exclusively for small and medium-sized cars.

Imported tires, variety of size selection

With size ranges from 13 to 16 inches, Bridgestone Techno can be compatible with most of popular cars in Vietnam, from Chevrolet Spark to Toyota Vios, or from Honda Civic to Toyota Innova, or Mazda 2, Mazda 3 and many other models.

Bridgestone Techno is imported directly from Thailand or Indonesia (depending on size), and is manufactured under the most stringent standards of the Japanese tire manufacturer.

Safety in dry season, peace of mind in rainy season

Comparing the same segment, Bridgestone Techno is the superior product regarding safety design and durability.

With chamfered design of spike block, Bridgestone Techno optimizes the ability to steer and, at the same time, minimizes wear-out situation on rough surface. Curved spike helps increase road contacting point at the same moving distance, also increase brake force and reduce braking distance.

The horizontal block of tire spikes is designed evenly, increasing road holding ability. The large-sized interpolated spike drain and chamfered spike help drainage effectively and minimizes road slippery.

Tests have showed Bridgestone Techno have 3m shorter braking distances than normal tires in rainy conditions. Bridgestone Techno structure has been reinforced with material to protect tires from strong shocks or sharp objects. Spikes are arranged to against the irregular abrasion, to increase tire life. Product tests have also showed that Bridgestone Techno can operate up to 62,000 km

Saving solutions for transportation service

With technology together with Bridgestone quality standards, the starting price less than 1 million each, Bridgestone Techno is considered a very competitive and attractive option, meeting the demand of many customers who have a limited budget, but still need a tire with safety, quality and durability.

Bridgestone Techno is also the right solution at the significant development stage of transport applications like Grab or Uber, which focuses on the service quality but still strongly competes on price. Bridgestone Techno now is widely distributed in many stores, garages nationwide. To introduce Techno tire to customers, from 10 t0 30 October 2016, when customers purchase 02 Bridgestone Techno tires will receive a set of premium Bridgestone hat and T-shirt. 

About Bridgestone Corporation.

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world.