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Hanoi, September 27th 2017- Today, Bridgestone Vietnam has officially launched the project “Centralize Discard Tires, Save Your Life From Dengue Fever” in Hanoi to eradicate and prevent the disease from spreading outbreak. Specifically, Bridgestone Vietnam will centralized the discarded tires to clean the environment; sponsor spraying machines and sponsor 1- year using the Mosquito repellant to Thinh Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Moreover, Bridgestone Vietnam also visited and presented some gifts to poor children who caught the dengue fever in Hoang Mai District. All these practical and meaningful actions once again affirm Bridgestone Vietnam commitment in bringing green, clean and healthy living environment to Vietnamese people.

With the population of nearly 95 millions people and a developing economy, more and more Vietnamese choose car as a primary mean of transportation. In line with that trend, the number of discarded tire has been increasing day by day. However, due to the difficulty in decompostion of rubber, this kind of industrial waste cannot be treated thoroughly. Therefore, most of the discarded tired are collected and kept outside at Dealers shop.

In the first eight months of 2017, it is recorded 80.550 cases of dengue fever with 24 death cases, increase 33,5% compared with the same period as last year, and this number keeps increasing day by day. Since the weather condition in Vietnam is hot and humid, make discarded tires become one of the ideal place for mosquitoes proliferation. This is the cause of spreading dengue fever and turning into the dangerous epidemic. In this situation, the discarded tire treatment is extremely necessary to eliminate the spreading of disease.

Bridgestone cooperate with Bich Thu dealer in protecting Hanoi from dengue fever outbreak

Representative of Thinh Liet Ward shared about the current status of dengue fever outbreak in Hanoi

Doing business with the orientation to bring the society a green, clean and healthy enviroment, Bridgestone Vietnam is the pioneer in following strictly Government regulation in collecting, centralizing discarded tires as well as making commitment and having the practical actions to keep the green, clean and healthy enviroment for Vietnamese.

Besides 2 collecting points of discarded tires had been successfully set up at Manh Dung (Thai Nguyen) and Thien Trang (Ho Chi Minh City), Bridgestone Vietnam is now officially increasing two more collecting points to centralize and recycle the discarded tires at Bich Thu (Hanoi ) and Hoang Linh (An Giang). After being centralized and collected, the discarded tyres will be treated, recycled by specialized methods to re-use as a material for cement production and renewable energy provide. It is not only discarded tyres solution but also Bridgestone action in preventing dengue fever spreading at Thinh Viet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, including 3 main activities:

1. Disease extermination: Organize Cleaning Day and Clean up Discarded Tyre warehouse.

2. Spreading prevention

- Spraying and Cleaning the surrouding of Discarded Tyre warehouse.

- Sponsor Spraying machine and 1 year mosquito repellant using for local

3. Recovery assistance

- Visit and present gifts to poor children that have dengue fever, with the value up to 2.000.000 VND.

Ms. Duong An Giang – General Manager of Bridgestone Vietnam shared about purpose and meaning of this campaign

Bridgestone Vietnam sponsors the mosquito sprayers and mosquito repellents for The People's Committee of Thinh Liet Ward 

Mosquitoes spraying at discarded tires warehouse Bich Thu

Representative of Bridgestone and Thinh Liet Ward visited and gave donation for dengue fever patients

Sharing about the project “Centralize Discard Tires, Save Your Life From Dengue Fever” Ms. Duong An Giang- Bridgestone Vietnam General Manager shared: “Bridgestone Vietnam always keep the commitment to ensure the green and clean environment for all the generation. One of our commitment is continuously strengthening the nature conservation through the improvement in organization structure and product design. “Centralize Discard Tires, Save Your Life From Dengue Fever” project is our affirmation in turning our commitment to real action to community.

Through the project, we want to contribute our effort to prevent the dengue fever, finding the new way of discarded tyre solution which is one of the industrial waste that affects negatively to the Vietnamese health and environment. By this chance, Bridgestone are calling to all of Bridgestone Dealers in Vietnam to cooperate with the solution of centralizing and treating discarded tyre system, follow the mutual mission “ Serving society with superior quality”. This project will continue to be implemented in An Giang in October.

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