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6 January 2017, Bridgestone – the world largest tire company officially chose Hai Phong port city to kick off the “Bridgestone Tire Safety 2017”. At the same time, B-select Minh Ngoc also inaugurated at 267 Le Thanh Tong Street, May Chai Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong city. This is a comprehensive car care center offering many new benefits to customers.

B-select Minh Ngoc – the first global car care center in Hai Phong ever

Hai Phong is one of Vietnam major economic centers. It has huge trading and heavy traffic thanks to Hai Phong port. This economics development leads to the increase of passenger cars as well as repair and maintenance service demand.

Grabbing the urgent market needs, Minh Ngoc has gradually invested and cooperated with Bridgestone to set up a brand new B-select to serve customers in Hai Phong.

After 6-year cooperation, Minh Ngoc and Bridgestone proudly introduced a modern B-select Minh Ngoc on a large area up to 400 m2. Minh Ngoc has 3 specialized floors including car care area, customer lounge area and product display and experience area.

Large dimension at a very convenient location right in the downtown and two facades create comfort for customers when visiting B-select Minh Ngoc. This is one of the largest B-select in Vietnam that can ensure the caring capacity for the large number of cars in a short time.

B-select Minh Ngọc owns the state-of-the-art equipment like the most modern Hunter wheel alignment on the market. Mr. Pham Huu Tien - B-select Minh Ngọc General Director shared: "In Hai Phong, there are very few centers equipped the appropriate wheel alignment machine. Most of the wheel alignment service manually carried out based on technician experience that does not guarantee the accuracy and safety. B-select Minh Ngoc features Hunter wheel alignment with three-dimension sensor system, providing the most accurate results about car situation and getting the car calibration back to its initial standards of manufacturers, helping car moving easily, limiting wear and tear and avoiding accidents from lost control caused by wheel difference. "

B-select Minh Ngọc diversifies its service to care many parts of car at the same time. Besides tire service, oil change, battery checking, replacement, and car maintenance are also available.

On the opening occasion, B-select Minh Ngọc introduces a special offer. Customers can get 1 Bridgestone free of charge when purchasing 3 Bridgestone tire at the same type. The program applies only at B-select Minh Ngoc from now until 31 January.

Leading the customer service

In 2016, Bridgestone has significantly led the tire industry in Vietnam by expanding its dealer network across the country. The brand will continue its ambition to enhance and develop further its presence in 2017, starting with the opening of a new B-select in Haiphong and "Bridgestone Tire Safety" kicked off to offer one-stop service to customers.

Until now, 31 B-select and B-shop throughout the country have helped Bridgestone strengthen its connection with customers wherever they are. The B-select Minh Ngoc opening and "Bridgestone Tire Safety 2017" kick off also welcomed the honored presence of all Bridgestone dealers nationwide. "Bridgestone Tire Safety" also officially remarked the 700th car comprehensively cared to ensure worry free and safety on every journey.

With the ticket fare at 200,000 VND, B-select technicians carefully checked all the car tires, aligned wheels and advised the customers to choose and use tires in the right way. Moreover, the cars also offered engine oil change, battery checking, inside out cleaning and electronic error scanning by three Bridgestone partners Idemitsu, Bosch and 3M. The total value of service and gift package to each customer is up to 2 million VND.

Mr. Le Hoai Vu – a customer at the event said: “This is a very useful event, especially right before the Lunar New Year when we have to travel more often than usual. What pleased me most is the wheel alignment service by Hunter machine. Before, I didn’t care much about the issues. But after being consulted by technicians, I knew clearly the cause of the rapid tire wear as well as driving difficulty. It is due to incorrect wheel alignment. Now I can manage steering wheel very flexibly.”

“Bridgestone Tire Safety” will be continuously taking place in other provinces during this year to ensure safety for all car owners and their families nationwide.

B-select Minh Ngoc also inaugurated at 267 Le Thanh Tong Street, May Chai Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong city

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito- General Director Bridgestone Vietnam delivered the certificate of B-select standard to Mr. Pham Huu Tien - B-select Minh Ngoc owner

At events of Bridgestone, there are gifts for the underprivileged children

B-select Minh Ngoc meets all the customer requirements and standards, furnished a modern waiting room

About Bridgestone Vietnam

Bridgestone Vietnam Ltd, Co. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.