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With the ticket fare at 200,000 VND, B-Select technicians carefully checked the cars tires, aligned wheels and advised the customers about choosing and using tires in the right way. Moreover, the cars were also offered engine oil change, battery checking, inside out cleaning and electronic error scanning by three Bridgestone partners Idemitsu, Bosch and 3M.

Since June 2016, Bridgestone Vietnam has kicked off the “Bridgestone Tire Safety” campaign, taking place nationwide at all B-Select premium passenger car tire service centers. This is a part of “Bridgestone Tire Safety” held all over the world by the Japanese tire company.

The first “Bridgestone Tire Safety” event took place at B-Select Thuan Ly (Gia Lai). After that, the program was successfully held at B-Select Yen Phong (Hochiminh City). Lately, “Bridgestone Tire Safe” came to Hanoi at B-Select Dan Chu (Hanoi) on 26-28 of August. Up to now, more than 300 cars and over 600 customers have attended the campaign all over the country.

At every B-Select, all the cars received a total tire service including pressure, tire depth and valve checking. The technicians also evaluated wear and tear level and damaged signs on tire surface and sides and aligned wheels if necessary.

Besides, customers also were consulted how to use tire correctly and choose tire based on different criteria like durability, comfort, road condition and price, especially run-flat tire.

During three days held at B-Select Dan Chu, the event welcomed more than 200 customers, caring for 100 vehicles, checking more than 500 tires (including spare tires).

In particular, the Bridgestone campaign received the great cooperation of its three well-known partners Bosch, 3M and Idemitsu. In addition to the intensive tire service, the technicians of three partners also polished tire, cleaned and deodorized the interior, checked and cleaned battery, topped up distilled water to ensure the durability, checked and replaced engine oil if it was on schedule.

Although the ticket fair was only at 200,000 VND, the total service value come up to 2 million VND. In the customer waiting room, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh shared: “I often have my car checked and cleaned every month. It takes me at least 60,000 VND to 70,000 VND per time. However, the technicians just clean my car without checking. When the car needs routine maintenance, I must go to an authorized dealer or a garage, which costs me lots of money. Here, I just need to pay 200,000 VND for all services. This is really a valuable service, I hope Bridgestone will continue this kind of event more frequently.”

Talking about the “Bridgestone Safe Tire” campaign, Mr.Bach Vi Chu - B-Select Dan Chu general director said: “This is a meaningful program for car owners. We are happy to offer service for more than 100 vehicles in the past three days. Many cars came here in a damaged tire condition, wrong tire pressure, non-standard wheel alignment causing unevenly wear and tear and affecting car feature that drivers did not recognize. All the problems were solved and consulted by our technicians”.

In addition, the "Think before you drive" performance at the event helped the customers understand better the importance of checking the vehicles before driving for the safety of themselves and their beloved ones.

"Bridgestone Tire Safety" was a fee-collected program. However, all fees were used to donate to poor children in the region. 

“Bridgestone Tire Safety” will continue taking place in Tay Ninh province from 16 to 18 September at B-Select Thai Phung, 210 Pham Hung Street, Long Thoi Hamlet, Long Thanh Ward, Hoa Thanh District, Tay Ninh province. Customers can get tickets by ordering via hotline 08 8806 1288 or access

The “Bridgestone Tire Safety” campaign continued to be held at B-Select Dan Chu (Ha Noi), during three days from 26th to 28th August

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director Bridgestone Vietnam and Mr.Bach Vi Chu, Director of B-Select Dan Chu delivered the opening speech

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito deliver the Bridgestone B-select Cetificate to Mr.Bach Vi Chu

Bridgestone and Bosch, 3M, Idemitsu take care for 100 cars during the 3-day-event

The money collected from the event Bridgestone Tire Safety are donated to the charity

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