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Hanoi – 09th May 2016, Bridgestone once again partners with BMW at the BMW World Expo in Ha Noi from 06th – 09th May 2016 with the key message "Future of Automobile". The 100th anniversary event of BMW Group opens a new era as well as marks nearly two-decade partnership between Bridgestone and BMW worldwide.

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam said "We are happy to cooperate with BMW for the 2nd time in Vietnam to offer our customers the experience of “high quality tire for luxury car”. Bridgestone and BMW share the common values of safety and fun behind the wheels, so that each customer’s journey is not only as safe as hanging around the city, but also as exciting as being on race tracks."

Bridgestone - perfect tire for BMW

To Bridgestone, a car with a full package of modern technology will hardly perform at its highest capacity without the appropriate tires. To ensure this, right from the first step of designing a new car, engineers of BMW and Bridgestone have been working closely to research and develop the most appropriate tires for every model of vehicle, constantly for over 20 years.

Customers attending the BMW World Vietnam can experience the results of this corporation when taking the wheel of 20 BMW and MINI cars at the event. Guests who participate in a test drive will feel the high-class level and the sophistication when the world's largest tire company is in combination with the number one premium car brand in the world. In particular, with the product line TURANZA GR-100 - smooth as first class, Bridgestone promises to bring a smooth and, at the same time, interesting driving experience to the drivers.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Thao - Chief Executive of Euro Auto, the authorized importer of BMW Group officially in Vietnam shared: "For the last 100 years, the BMW Group has demonstrated to be the leading company in innovation and future-oriented technologies. Customers of BMW are very knowledgeable about cars, so they are also more demanding when choosing tires. After previous experience with Bridgestone tires, our customers have trust and wish to have more experiences with this brand."

Bridgestone is a leading brand in the tire industry to consistently meet production and quality standards set by BMW, even in the most severe operating conditions. Besides, Bridgestone also pioneers to create new tire technology. Run-flat is the phrase which has become a quality standard for tires today. Bridgestone has designed the Run-flat tire with special technology of multiple dispersed and bearing force layers, along with the cooling fins helping tires not to heat up easily while being under pressure from moving and still be able to run to 80 km more at a maximum speed of 80 km/h in case of tire flat-out.

Especially, Ologic technology is another high-class technology of Bridgestone. Ologic tire technology is the result of research that Bridgestone specifically carried out for hybrid electric and electric motor of the German car maker, BMWi. Ologic technology introduces large-diameter tires while the narrower tire drains, which improves aerodynamics and reduces rolling resistance while maintaining the adhesion on wet roads and shortening braking distances. Ologic tire technology has earned "Innovative supplier of BMW" Award for Bridgestone. Customers attending the show can witness with awe this special tire on the BMW i8 - the highlight of this event.

Thanks to the leading technologies, since 2009, Bridgestone has been selected as the exclusive tire supplier for all events in BMW Driving Experience all over the world and in Vietnam. Bridgestone has suitable tires for all models of BMW cars from 1 to 7 series, including X series and the high performance M series. Being the only connection between the vehicle and the road surface with an area of only a hand, the tires must constantly undergo sudden steering or braking at high speed. Therefore, a partner providing high quality and reliable tires as Bridgestone is always the top choice of the Driving Experience events organized by BMW.

Bridgestone – Care for tire as well as for your family

Being the market leader in Vietnam and in the world with high brand awareness, the Japanese tire brand continues organizing activities to increase its identification as a professional and friendly tire brand for Vietnamese customers.

Recently, in Ho Chi Minh City, Bridgestone launched a giant “B” Mark in the middle of the centre lake in District 7 that attracted a lot of public attention. Right at BMW World Hanoi, the “B” Mark once again was centred at Bridgestone stand in eyecatching red-black colors to be the event highlight to introduce a fresh and dynamic brand image to Hanoi customers.

Bridgestone also held interactive activities for visitors with attractive gifts. Besides, aiming to take care of customers’ family, Bridgestone had games for children while parents were advised by Bridgestone experts to choose the most suitable tire for Hanoi unique weather and sloppy road condition in the North.

Beyond the event, Bridgestone is step by step expanding its premium passenger car tire service center Bridgestone B-Select nationwide under the new criteria with full scale of equipment and new brand identity to raise the bar of tire service in Vietnam to a new level.

Bridgestone understands that customers do not usually go the tire service center alone but with their family. Therefore, the brand’s new vision is to take care all members of the family. This new strategy underlines the Bridgestone’s message that with 85-year history, the Bridgestone is always willing to refresh itself to continuously improve its products and service to meet even the sophisticated needs of customers, not only for tire.

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Bridgestone and BMW has collaborated for over 20 years, raising the bar for luxury car experience for customer satisfaction.​ 


20 cars for a test drive in the event are equipped with Bridgestone tires. It brings the feeling of excitement and safety for customers. Due to Bridgestone tire with Ologic technology on BMW i8, Bridgestone received Supplier of the Year Award from BMW.

About Bridgestone Corporation:

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world.