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Being forecasted until 2021, Vietnam population is going to be over 100 million and per capita income is about US $3200-3500/person. In recent years, Vietnam's automobile market recorded the extremely impressive growth and demonstrated potential development in the future. Along with the development in the automobile industry, the demand for tire is also increasing sharply. This is an opportunity for all large and small, local and foreign tire companies. With the reputation of the world's largest tire cooperation, Bridgestone Vietnam has taken neccessary steps to accelerate our business growth.

Bridgestone has comprehensive distribution system throughout the country, reach up to 31 Tire care service centers B-select, B-shop in 2016 and is continuously expanding the network. Many long-standing and prestigious tire shops are willing to cooperate with Bridgestone Vietnam. Thai Phuong tire dealer in Hanoi is an example. With over 20 years in the industry and being famous for tire care in the region, it has been cooperating with Bridgestone to upgrade to B-select standard from 2015. Only after a year of operation, Thai Phuong has recently been certified as one of the best tire care services center of Bridgestone in 2016.

herefore, in any event for customers in Hanoi, or activities associated with the premium brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or sponsoring for some Caravan trips of these brands, Bridgestone always choose Thai Phuong as a priority venue to introduce its products and our services. The collaboration with the Thai Phuong is a good model for the harmony between the local market knowledge and standards of multinational corporations, Bridgestone Vietnam helps customers always appreciate.

B-select Thai Phuong is located in a prime location which is an ideal destination for customer to have their cars serviced.

Diversify the strategies for sustainable development

However, the tire market has been becoming more and more competative. To maintain the leading position, in addition to expanding the dealer network, improving the quality of services and machinery, Bridgestone Vietnam constantly creates many programs to directly approach its customers and develop the community of vehicle owners or drivers. These include "Bridgestone Tire Safety" campaign which reccently took place in B-select Thai Phuong from 18-20 November, attracting more than 100 cars and 200 customers.

Series event "Bridgestone Tire Safety" has been deployed since early 2016, transfering the knowledge of choosing proper tire, taking care and maintaining tires periodically. The campaign has raised awareness about the important role of  tires for the safety and comfort of both passengers and vehicles, contributing to improve the transportation culture of Vietnamese customers.

Besides, the dealers upgrading to B-select standard affirms Bridgestone’s long-term vision in Vietnam market. B-select with a set of standards for modern equipment, professional services and other facilities like waiting lounge with air-conditioner, free drinking water, wifi and Bridgestone TV channel... shows that Vietnam tire care services has been raised to a new standard.

B-select Thai Phuong meets all the customer requirements and standards, furnished a modern waiting room. 

In addition, Bridgestone has associated with business partners 3M, Bosch, Idemitsu at B-select Thai Phuong and in many service centers across the country to provide comprehensive solutions and extra benefits for clients.

Customers were consulted and delivered gifts from 03 partners: Idemitsu, Bosch, 3M

Believing in the great potential of the automotive market, Bridgestone Vietnam has developed a long-term business plan, foundation for the later development. In specific, Bridgestone Vietnam focused on product diversification, constantly introduced to customer’s high-quality tires for many kinds of cars, in accordance with road conditions, climate and using habits of Vietnamese customers. For example, TURANZA GR-100 tires is for luxury car brand; ECOPIA tire offers better fuel saving and environmental friendliness; Potenza tires for sports cars. Last but not least,  TECHNO tire is ideal for common city vehicles.

Besides, Bridgestone Vietnam also restructured production and business activities, tightened the relationship with dealers, delivered personnel training, improved service quality, and continuously organized events to directly approach customers to demonstrate its product, provide service guidance and basic knowledge of using tire safely. 

These activities have helped Bridgestone Vietnam increase its brand identity in the market and gain the trust of customers.

With high quality products and diverse services, Bridgestone makes its moto "Serving Society with Superior Quality" come true and lively among its customers. Bridgestone Vietnam (BSTVN) was honored the highest Overall Award as well as the category award of “Customer and Society” as Bridgestone China Asia-Pacific (BSCAP) Vision Award (BVA), the biggest prize of the contest. This is a pride and the motivation for Bridgestone to continue its social and community activities in the future.

The entire ticket proceeds were contributed to the fund to support students who have been in difficult circumstances in Long Bien, Ha Noi.

About Bridgestone Vietnam

Bridgestone Vietnam Ltd, Co. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.