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Ho Chi Minh City (21 October 2014) – Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC, together with BVOT Group LLC, co-organized a Tire and Car Service Day for the first time in Vinh City, Vietnam on 18 October 2014. This event is part of the company’s commitment to bring comprehensive and advanced car services to its customers with the most modern equipment in Vietnam at the B-Select Van Do store, located at 7 Mai Hac De St., Vinh City.

The Tire and Car Service Day, held previously at the B-Select Bich Hien store in Da Nang on 15 June 2014, achieved positive response from the car users as they were very satisfied with the comprehensive service done for their cars, and the essential knowledge about tires which they were equipped with. This marked a good start for the Tire and Car Service Day to be expanded to other cities and provinces across the entire country. Apart from that, according to statistics obtained from the program “For Viet Auto Community” in 2013, up to 33% of the drivers who visited the event were driving with under-inflated tires. Recognizing the effects of these events, Bridgestone Vietnam and Benh Vien OTo decided to hold the Tire and Car Service Day in Vinh City this time. The aim of the event is to contribute to a safer traffic environment so as to minimize the number of accidents on the roads.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of traffic accidents in Vietnam is among the highest in the world, with an average of 30 casualties per day. Moreover, the number of cars in Vinh City alone ranks at 6th position in the country (about 20,000 vehicles), indicating the need to educate car users on the importance of maintaining and caring for their cars. With this in mind, Bridgestone Vietnam, Benh Vien OTo, 3M Vietnam, and Liberty Insurance Vietnam cooperated to organize the Tire and Car Service Day on 18 October 2014 at B-Select Van Do – 7 Mai Hac De St., Vinh city.

On this day, customers came to know the methods and equipment for car checking, service and maintenance, as well as advanced technologies from the leading brands in the automotive and auxiliary industry. Over 40 cars were serviced together with their tires checked, while technicians from Bridgestone and B-Select also provide advice on the tires and do any necessary adjustment of tire pressure. On top of that, wheel alignment was also performed on all customers’ cars with the most modern equipment in Vietnam.

As a co-organizer of this program, besides refilling coolant, windshield washer fluids, the experts from Benh Vien O To helped customers understand more about the overall condition of the car through the electronic error code scanner. In addition, participating customers received answers from Liberty Insurance about the steps to take if any bad incidents or accidents occur.

 “B-Select is a service center that is equipped with modern machinery and is operated by professional staff in accordance with the high standards of the Bridgestone Group. We understand that cars are not only a means of transportation that should bring convenience and comfort in life, but it should also assure the safety of drivers and their families. This event is an opportunity for the customers in Vinh city to receive the best maintenance service, while it is also an opportunity for us, as the organizers, to express our responsibility towards the Viet auto community.” – shared Mr. Nguyen Van Do, Director of B-Select Van Do at Vinh city.

Since the beginning of 2013, the program series “For Viet Auto Community” has achieved significant success with 9 big events held at 5 major cities. The events have impressed 2,800 participating customers and the audience in the whole country in general. Approximately 1,500 cars were serviced and maintained comprehensively by the technical specialists from Benh Vien O To, Bridgestone Vietnam and other partners. This motivates us to continue conducting this program for community in 2014.

Sharing his thought about the event in Vinh city, Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam said, “Through statistical data, we realize that we have to enhance customer’s knowledge and experience in caring for their cars and tires properly and in a timely manner. For the 33% of cars which were fitted with under-inflated tires, the traffic safety and the lifespan of their tires are impacted significantly. Continuing the success in Da Nang, the Tire and Car Service Day in Vinh city pledges to bring the practical benefits to the community with modern equipment at B-Select Van Do”.

In line with the charitable theme of the program “For Viet Auto Community”, the organizers of the Tire and Car Service Day in Vinh city donated entire proceeds from the ticket sales to help the less-fortunate children who were victims of traffic accidents in Nghe An province.

On the other hand, to echo the global campaign “No not text and drive” initiated by the United Nations, the program “For Viet Auto Community” also planned to convey this message to car users in 2015 to improve the awareness among traffic users and contribute to the reduction of avoidable accidents.

Technical Staff clean the air filter

Filling glass washing, water cooler

Experts from BVOT used scan system to check electric problems

B-Select Van Do was equipped with the most modern machines

The event donated entire proceeds from the ticket sales to help the less-fortunate children who were victims of traffic accidents in Nghe An 

All customer agreed with the campaign “No not text and drive”

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