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In Ho Chi Minh City, 5/7/2014, Bridgestone Tires Sales Vietnam LLC continues to cooperate with BVOT GROUP LLC (Benh Vien O To) to co-organize Car Care Day at the Military Zone 7 Stadium, HCMC. Accompanying the program are the leading brands in automotive and auxiliary industry: 3M Vietnam, Robert Bosch Vietnam and Liberty Insurance Vietnam. This is one of the main events in the annual series “For Viet Auto Community”; year 2014 is the third time it is held

To start the program series “For Viet Auto Community 2014”, the first Car Care Day of the year took place in 2 days 5-6/7/2014, at the Military Zone 7 Stadium (202 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, HCMC), nearly 350 cars (4-7 seats) were serviced, maintained and consulted by technicians and experts from the leading brands in automotive and auxiliary industry with the following categories:

  • Check, service and consult everything related to tires (pump, tread depth, tire purchases, tire maintenance…) by Bridgestone Vietnam
  • Check, maintain and consult about interior and exterior (deodorize air conditioning system, eliminate asphalt on body…) by 3M Vietnam
  • Check, service and consult about batteris, auxiliary components (horns, windshield wipers…) by Robert Bosch Vietnam
  • Check for car errors by professional electronic device by Benh Vien O To
  • Consult and guide the steps to do in troubles or accidents by Liberty Vietnam


Besides providing service and maintenance to customers’ cars, the Car Care Day is also the activities to equip car users in Ho Chi Minh City and vicinity the fundamental knowledge in caring and safe operating of the cars, improving the awareness of traffic users to reduce the number of accidents and to make the society safer.

The survey from the program “For Viet Auto Community 2013” provides some alarming numbers: 33% of tires on the road are under pressured, 30% of cars have electronic errors, 77% of batteries need to be cleaned, 60% of cars need interior deodorization, 20% of cars need motor oil change… These numbers are the warnings for the customers to increase the knowledge about caring, maintenance of cars and tires to improve the power, safety and fuel efficiency of the cars.








Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – Managing Director of Bridgestone Vietnam shared his thoughts: “With the goal towards the consumers and safety following the motto “Serve the society with excellent quality”, we always want to share with the customers the experience in caring for cars and tires appropriately to help traffic users avoid accidents. The Car Care Day is the opportunity for the automotive companies to enhance the safety of the cars and raise the customers’ awareness about the traffic safety to benefit themselves and society”.

In addition, UNESCO with the role of a social sponsor goes along with the program “For Viet Auto Community” in running charitable events to bring the community responsibility commitment of Benh Vien O To, Bridgestone Vietnam and other partners closer to the society.  The entire proceeds of ticket sales was donated to support fishermen in Central Vietnam and children affected directly or indirectly by traffic accidents, to help them regain their livelihood.

The Car Care Day is a practical activity that potentially contributes to a safer and civilized traffic environment in order to minimize the number of traffic accidents.

In addition, through the program, Bridgestone has announced the CSR project towards the fishermen in Vietnam Center especially children with the desire to build the playground with recycled tires; the public toilet and some necessary items such as life jackets, life buoys, jackets, ...



For more information, please access  or hotline 1900 54 54 68

Many car owners joined the event

Ribbon cutting to open the “Car Care Day” event

TCS at Bridgestone booth

Donation all ticket selling

Playground concept for children in Center Island

Mr. Quyen Linh – a Vietnam Actor/MC is one of customers in event

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