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The world largest tire company Bridgestone officially opened Truck And Bus Tire Service Center Fleetpoint Giap Bat inside Giap Bat bus station, Hanoi. Located inside the busy station with high traffic, Fleetpoint Giap Bat provides professional and approachable tire service as well as a comfortable rest stop for drivers.

Diverse services for safe transportation

Giap Bat bus station is located at the third green belt and the southern entrance gate of Hanoi city with high traffic every day. On normal days, there are around 18,500 passengers/day and double this number during Tet holiday. High traffic raises imperative concerns about safety for passengers and drivers at the terminal.

Capturing the real demand and safety concern, Bridgestone Vietnam has implemented a solid plan and rapid deployment of Fleetpoint Giap Bat. This new tire center model of Bridgestone has raised the tire care service to a new standard, in which drivers can receive professional tire care, repair and replacement service right at the station, saving both time and costs.

Fleeptoint Giap Bat is a new model in which the facility is invested by Bridgestone, sales operation, service and human resources are managed by Manh Dung Enterprise. With tons of experienced in the tire industry, particularly in the mobile tire care service for specialized trucks, Bridgestone has cooperated with Manh Dung dealer to operate Fleetpoint Giap Bat to serve the prompt and professional mobile tire service, serving all demands for tires at best.

Moreover, drivers can relax with free drink at a comfortable waiting room of Fleetpoint during waiting time, helping them refresh before and after long journeys. In addition, the technicians of Fleetpoint Giap Bat are always ready to consult drivers how to use and maintain tires properly.

On the opening occasion, Fleetpoint Giap Bat also provided free tire pumping and tire care for vehicles in the station. Gift voucher valued at 500,000 dong and other incentives for the first 100 customers were also offered.

For detailed advice, customers can contact Fleetpoint Giap Bat hotline at 0966 619 619 or at Fleetpoint Giap Bat No. 18-21, Giap Bat station Hanoi.

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam delivered his speech ”

Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung –Director of Manh Dung Private Enterprise delivered his speech


Fleetpoint Giap Bat is a new model of distribution channel focusing on professional and immediate tire care service in terminal area

About Bridgestone Vietnam

Bridgestone Vietnam Ltd, Co. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.