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On 25.07.2012, Bridgestone Vietnam (BSTVN) inaugurates the first Bridgestone B-Select Passenger Tire Service Center in Ha Dong District (Hanoi).
On 25.07.2012, Bridgestone Vietnam (BSTVN) inaugurates the first Bridgestone B-Select Passenger Tire Service Center  in Ha Dong District(Hanoi). The purpose of series Bridgestone B-Select Passenger Tire Service Center is improving the quality of service and customer care of Bridgestone with those functions related to car tires such as: Consulting, maintenance and tire check up and other basic services: wheel alignment, oil change, basic electrical and mechanical systems, etc... At B-Select, customers will be advised about methods of maintenance and safe tire usage from a professional staff trained by Bridgestone Vietnam. The system of B-Select will be extended to all provinces and cities in Vietnam in the upcoming time. Dân Chủ retailer is one of the first one that achieves the high standards to become Bridgestone B-Select Passenger TireService Center  in Vietnam.

Information about B-Select Dân Chủ:

With over 30 years of experience in the tire industry with professional and dedicated technical staff… Dân Chủ is always reliable with professional equipment and modern.

Information about B-Select:

- B-Select is the most senior members of the distribution system and service providers of Bridgestone Vietnam.
- B-Select offers all kinds of customers the comforts and advanced entertainment such as: Internet, Newspaper and Magazine, high class lounge, etc., and provide  basic services relating to the professional auto maintenance such as: checking up and consulting in tire usage, the basic electrical and mechanical services.
- B-Select is the place customers can easily learn information about the genuine product as well as after-sales service from the professional staff of Bridgestone Vietnam.
- B-Select is invested facilities and the most modern equipment by Bridgestone and dealer such as: management software, customer care methods and maintenance of tires, etc...
- In future, a series of B-Select will be invested and developed by Bridgestone Vietnam in all of the provinces and cities in Vietnam.
With the motto "Serving Society With Superior Quality", Bridgestone Vietnam always offers customers the best products and services.