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Da Nang City, September 23rd 2017 - Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam Limited Liability Company officially opens new warehouse in Da Nang City. This warehouse inauguration is the great step in Bridgestone long- term business strategy. It affirms that Bridgestone is not only the leader in Vietnam tire market with 3 distribution centers at 3 key regions across the country but also the leading company in providing the most effective and professional Logistics solution.

Basically, thanks to the new distribution center in Da Nang, the delivery time in this area has been significantly fell from 3 days to 1 day only. Nowadays, over 80% Bridgestone dealers will receive the products within only 1 day and the longest lead-time has reduced to only 02 days. Additionally, Bridgestone is aiming to e-commerce service with the improvement in online ordering system, information retrieval system, order status, thereby increasing the quality of customer services.

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito - Bridgestone Vietnam General Director shares about the development of Bridgestone Logistics

Leaders of Bridgestone Vietnam and DHL Supply Chain cut the ribbon in the inauguration

For this project, Bridgestone has chosen DHL, the global leader in Logistics from Europe, as a partner who operated the new warehouse. The cooperation of two leading brand DHL and Bridgestone is the Bridgestone’s commitment to diversifying and offering the superior service in order to meet the high demands from customers.

Mr. Filip Jankovic - General Director of
DHL Supply Chain send flowers to Mr.
Hiroyuki Saito - General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam to celebrate the cooperation of two global leading brands

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito - General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam hands the last tire of the 1st order which delivered from DHL Warehouse

Bridgestone's decision to invest in the third warehouse in Da Nang City that expresses the strength and wise management in Central Vietnam in particular and Vietnam in general. First and foremost, Da Nang is strategically located in Central Vietnam with modern infrastructure, which can fully meet the demand in supply chain and distribution system. Secondly, Bridgestone has foreseen the prospect of the tire market in Vietnam in the future. The fact that the Ministry of Finance has proposed drastically reducing tariffs on auto parts under the tax incentives program from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2022 is a good sign for the development of the automobile industry with the high requirement for components such as tubes, tires ...

All the excellent service that Bridgestone are trying to build comes from the mission: "Serving Society with Superior Quality". The quality that Bridgestone commits to is not only about the products’ international standards but also excellent service. In 2011, Bridgestone cooperated with two Japan's leading Supply Chain companies including Yusen Logistics in the North and Nippon Express in the South, with a capacity of delivering hundreds of thousands of tires per year, serving over 170 dealers and OEM customers in over 56 provinces nationwide. As a result, the trust from customers have been increasing over the year, which has reflected over the increase in number of orders. In 2011, the total number of orders is 1,845, with 205 small orders. By 2017, the orders over the first six months of the year have raised by more than 500% and the number of small orders is 20 times compared to figures in 2011.





The strategically cooperation between Bridgestone Vietnam and DHL Supply Chain will bring not only the quality products, but also the superior service to customers.

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam, said: “Bridgestone’s concern is how to improve and bring the better service to our customers. Especially to the customers in the Central of Vietnam where the locals facing bad weather condition every year, which make the product trading face many difficulties. We are proud that this is one of great steps to affirm the leading position of Bridgestone in Vietnam market following the vision “The Most Trusted Leading Brand”. We are a leader not only in tires supplier, but also in service provider."

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