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TPHCM, July 21, 2014- In order to encourage children in Tu An temple, Bridgestone Vietnam has organized a trip to Tu An pagoda- Vung Tau to visit children who live there on July 12nd 2014. During the visit, the entire Bridgestone’s family has played, given presents and contributed to clean the environment by the used tires in the pagoda’s territory.

For more than 20 years, Minh Hai monk who has been running Tu An temple, Tan Thanh town, together with other monks, Buddhists have opened their arms to take care for poor and miserable children. From the first days entering the temple in 1990, Thich Nu Minh monk has been receiving the abandoned, parentless and poor children, to take care, nurture. Up to now, the pagoda has totally more than 120 children in different ages. Mostly, they are supposed to go to school, but due to the difficult condition, and nearly 20 poor elderly.

To encourage and motivate the children, Bridgestone Vietnam has been organizing many visit and play at Tu An pagoda with wide ranges of different activities.

Bridgestone Vietnam played with children and delivered gifts to them. 

Bridgestone’s staff planted tree for Tu An temple by used tires. 

Bridgestone Vietnam will keep implementing many more meaningful activities for community

Bridgestone Vietnam will keep implementing many more meaningful activities to help those who have tough condition, just like the mission “Serving Society With Superior Quality” to bring joy and happiness for society.