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Ho Chi Minh City ‐ February 05th 2016, Bridgestone Vietnam have launched the promotion program “SSăn Quà Độc, Tài Lộc Nở Hoa”. The campaign is applied at all Bridgestone Vietnam’s Passenger Tires Stores from February 05th, 2016 to March 05th, 2016 or until promotion gifts are out of stock.

During the promotion, customers will receive one thermo bag as buying 02 tires at Bridgestone Vietnam’s Passenger Tires Dealers.

For more details, please contact Bridgestone Vietnam’s Passenger Tires Stores nationwide, or contact Bridgestone Vietnam directly at 1900 54 54 68.

About Bridgestone Corporation

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world