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Understanding the need for changing tires of car owners to help drivers commute more efficiently on year-end season, from 05 to 17 December 2017, Bridgestone Vietnam offers customers an attractive promotion: buy 02 Turanza GR100 tires, get 01 premium suitcase.

The promotion is applied specifically at the Passenger Car Tire Service Center (B-select and B-shop) of Bridgestone nationwide. Customers can find out about Bridgestone dealers here or contact hotline 1900 54 54 68 for more information.

The further you go, the more comfortable you can get on year-end season

Year-end season is the time when car owners need to change their tires, for the purpose of traveling with their family on long holidays, going back to their hometown, or simply thinking "New year, new tires, whole year safety". Whatever the purpose is, customers always expect to experience tires as smoothest, most comfortable and safest as possible.

Understanding the need for changing tires on year-end season, Bridgestone offers customers an attractive promotion: “Buy 02 Turanza GR100 tires, get 01 premium suitcase

Being the only part of the car in contact with the road surface, the tire is not only a decisive factor helping the car move more safely, more efficiently but also making the trip smooth and comfortable. Bridgestone delicately takes care of the details of the journey, so that each trip is always a pleasant and memorable experience.

On car forums, many car owners said that smooth tires are usually not durable and vice versa, durable tires are usually unsmooth, they can only choose one of these two factors. With Bridgestone’s Turanza GR100, customers can enjoy both of them at an affordable price.

Sport Dancer Chi Anh, one of the participants of the Turanza GR100 experience test drive in the last August, said: "It's rare for a tire to be smooth and road handling like Turanza."

Huynh Thi Hai Yen (Thu Duc District, HCM City) said: "The family trip with Turanza is very comfort, the kids sleep tight all the time."

The "smooth and durable tire" issue is no longer a problem with Turanza GR100

Many people think that the softness of tire comes from the soft rubber material. However, this characteristic depends much on the noise reduction technology through the tire design.

Turanza GR100 has 3D diamond pattern. This kind of design is only available in high-end Bridgestone segment, which reduces the vibration of the road surface. It leads to the less amount of noise that transfers into the cockpit. In addition, the "Helmholtz 3D Resonance" technology allows Turanza GR100 to disperse wind pressure, and minimize noise also. The square shoulder design helps to keep the car running smoothly and minimizes uneven wear.

Turanza GR100 is incorporated the latest noise reduction technology from Bridgestone, offering a smooth, pleasant experience throughout the journey.

Revolutionary technology and subtle design help Turanza GR100 to make a decisive contribution to the smooth drive, which is comfortable with many car segments in Vietnam, from luxury to common cars. All Turanza tires are imported from Thailand, Indonesia or Japan (depending on size). In particular, all tires of Bridgestone distributed in Vietnam are guaranteed 07 years from production date, which is also the longest warranty period in Vietnam today.

It can be said that the effort to produce a smooth and durable tire reflects the interest, understanding the needs of customers of Bridgestone. Especially, from 05 to 17 December 2017, Bridgestone Vietnam brings an attractive promotion: buy 02 Turanza GR100 tires, get 01 premium suitcase. Let’s experience the drive with the durable, smooth Turanza GR100 tires and a convenient, premium suitcase from Bridgestone!

Your trips will be safer, smoother with Turanza GR100 and more convenient with premium suitcase from Bridgestone

For more information, you can visit the website: or call the Bridgestone hotline at 1900 54 54 68 for direct consultation.

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