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Ho Chi Minh City, 22nd December 2015 – Car Care Day 2015 was held at Quan Khu 7 Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City on 19th - 20th December, 2015. This is the last event in the “For Viet Auto Community” series of events which are collaboratively organized by Bridgestone Vietnam and gathered with 7 leading brand name in tire industry, which are geared at improving the quality of service and technology, as well as to share the knowledge of car maintenance for safe driving in Vietnam.

The event brought up the message of “Do not text and drive” to the Southern Community, with the aim of building a more civilized and safer traffic environment in Vietnam.            

25% of traffic accidents are caused by the mobile phone?

By studying 350 documents related to traffic safety, the Highway Safety Association of America concluded that texting while driving is the cause of many accidents, leading to more than 3,000 deaths and 330,000 injuries every year within the United States. Moreover, 15%-25% of the crashes are due to mobile phone use. Texting while driving is now becoming the major factor of car accidents when compared to drunk driving for young drivers. In 2010, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon officially launched the “Do not text and drive” global campaign to further address this issue.

With this in mind, Bridgestone Vietnam and Benh Vien OTo integrated the message of “Do Not Text and Drive” into the Car Care Day 2015 event, to strongly enhance the mindset of safe driving within the community.

During the event, it was encouraging to see many customers committing to safer road habits in response to the campaign, and to help to spread this message to their relatives and friends.

Car Care Day Caters for the Growing Demands in Car Caring

The Car Care Day event in Ho Chi Minh City attracted over 2,000 vehicles registrations, indicating a high level of interest in this event.  However, in order to ensure a smooth process and to maintain good service quality, only 400 vehicles were selected to participate.

During the event, customers were given the chances to obtain useful knowledge on car maintenance, vehicle operation, and road safety through a series of games and guiding boards.

The traffic situation in Vietnam is relatively complicated with 2 million cars on the road regularly. According to a statistics, up to 55% of customers are not very familiar with wheel replacement, while 81% do not know when and how to rotate tires. Hence, it is essential for all drivers to be equipped with basic car maintenance knowledge and a sense of safety driving,” said Mr Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam.  

Car Care Time Increases to 65 minutes with 8 Steps for Each Car

During the event, Bridgestone offered intensive tire care consultation, while well-trained technicians from the other brands looked at other areas of the vehicle’s care. The 8-step car care process lasted up to 65 minutes for each vehicle, and consisted of:

  • - Step 1: Benh Vien O To offered car wash; cooling liquid and windshield washer fluid replacement
  • - Step 2: Bridgestone Vietnam provided tire care and check service (tire sidewall, snap in valve, tread, tire pressure and surface, etc.) and provided tire safety usage and tire selection
  • - Step 3: GS Battery Vietnam carried out battery care and check (checking battery cover, lid, terminals, liquid level, checking by TEST machine, battery cleaning, etc.) and provided battery care advice 
  • - Step 4: 3M Vietnam provided interior and exterior car care maintenance
  • - Step 5: Benh Vien O To together with BMW helped to conduct electronic errors scanning
  • - Step 6: Shell Vietnam checked and consulted about oils and lubricants based on car ages, driving habits and performance requirements. Shell also offered customers opportunities to experience its exclusive and environment-friendly products with Pure Plus technology from Shell by changing car oil for all cars at the event as a complimentary service from Shell.
  • - Step 7: Bosch Vietnam checked and advised on car spare parts (air filter, horn, wiper, etc.)
  • - Step 8: Liberty Vietnam provided consultation on unexpected on-road incidents, supporting procedures and car insurance

One of the first customers to register for this event is artist/MC Quyen Linh, shared that: “This is the 2nd time for me to attend Car Care Day. I really appreciate that my car has been well taken care in all areas by the experts from Bridgestone Vietnam. Additionally, I also expressed my support towards the message of “Do not text and drive””.

UNESCO - the social activities sponsor also participated in the event and conducted volunteer activities. The funds collected from this event will be contributed towards charity, to support 6 children who have suffered from traffic accidents, to encourage them to look forward to a better life.

Some images in the event


Car Care Day 2015 attracted over 400 cars and 800 customers in Ho Chi Minh city The event continued introducing and advocating the meaningful message “Do not text and drive”


Bridgestone Vietnam provided tire care and check service for end-user Shell Vietnam changed car oil for all cars as a complimentary service - The highlight activity in event


Artist/MC Quyen Linh is the one of the first customers to register for this even The funds collected in the event supported 6 children who have suffered from traffic accidents

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