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From 28 to 30 July 2017, Bridgestone once again carried out Tyre Safety campaign in Hanoi, taking place at B-select Xuan Tung, 640 Lac Long Quan, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho. Tyre Safety campaign is a case study of Bridgestone's world largest tire manufacturer for its persistence and continuous innovation for the community in more than five years of presence in Vietnam.

Sustainable mobility for the community

Only in July, weather conditions and climate change in Hanoi, ranging from hot and rainy to heavy rain and floods, leading to the situation that many cars in the city face serious technical safety issues. Understanding the needs of special car care of customers, Bridgestone timely organized the “Tyre Safe campaign” for car owners in Hanoi with a comprehensive, practical and meaningful service package.

Characteristics of Hanoi streets are narrow, drivers often have to face tire collision with the curb to avoid other vehicles on the move, which makes tires worn much faster and have negative impact. At the event, Bridgestone technicians specialized in checking tire pressure, tire depth, tire block, tire surface and tire valves to ensure safety on roads.

Under the modern standards of B-select, each car was thoroughly checked from wheel balancing to other parts such as lubricants, batteries, etc.

Bridgestone & B-select technician staff check tires pressure, tire wear as well as tire balancing to ensure safety for car owners while driving.

Unlike ordinary car care events, Bridgestone Tyre Safety focuses on the interaction between customers and technicians to ensure after each event, every car owner knows how to use the car safely and select right tire suited to their needs.

On this occasion, Bridgestone specially offers two packages of incentives for customers: buy 3 get 1 free offer for Bridgestone tire, and 50% discount for wheel balancing service by the modern Hunter when replacing tires. Moreover, customers also brought back many practical gifts from the event such as travel bags, Bridgestone T-shirts, Idemitsu lubricants bottles, helmets, sunshades, etc. Those who attended the event with their families also received exclusive combo T-shirt designed by Bridgestone. The total value of gifts and services is up to more than 2 million.

Customers receive a full package of car care services and gifts from Bridgestone and partners. We also consult customers a proper product using knowledge.

Mr. Mai Lam - a car owner in Hanoi excitedly shared: "This is my second time coming to ‘Tyre Safety’ event. Last time I was very satisfied with the quality of the program, so when I heard the news, I definitely come back. Attending this event, I have more knowledge of car care, contributing to safe road traffic. ‘Tyre Safety’ event created a good sympathy for me because of its community impacts."

Bridgestone Tyre Safety is a paid event, priced at 300,000 VND. All the cash from the event is collected to support local disadvantaged students.

B-select Xuan Tung: Transference to 2nd Generation to strengthen quality

This day also marked a milestone that B-select Xuan Tung was officially opened, becoming a passenger tire care service center under the Bridgestone standards. Located at 640 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi, B-select Xuan Tung has always been a Bridgetone long-term partner, receiving great trust from customers.

Long-term operation in the tire industry, B-select Xuan Tung has accumulated much experience as well as prestige to become a reliable destination of customers. Especially, with the succession from two successive generations, B-select Xuan Tung possesses the thorough market insight and solid expertise, increasing the trust of customers when using the service here.

B-select Xuan Tung owns a technician team with more than 10-year experience with modern standard equipment and customer care to ensure Hanoi customers satisfied and to be ready for the upcoming rainy season.

Bridgestone Vietnam congrats B-select Xuan Tung for the Opening Ceremony with new appearance and also sincerely behold for a new business transference to 2nd Generation, Mr. Nhu Tung Lam

About Bridgestone Vietnam

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