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These days, drivers can easily obtain plenty of advice and information regarding the care and maintenance of their cars from various sources. However, this advice isn’t always correct and you must understand and consider them carefully before deciding on suitable methods for your car’s maintenance. For example, many people think that checking of tire pressure can be done visually, while tap water can be used to cool the engine. While these are small mistakes, they can add up and result in costly repairs in the future.

On 4th April, 2015, Bridgestone Group and BVOT Group held the “DRIVE IN STYLE” event at Phu My Hung, district 7.  This is the first event of its kind, which allowed customers to receive the necessary information regarding vehicle maintenance from renowned experts in the automotive industry. According to the experts, these are the four most common mistakes in vehicle maintenance.

Running-in before usage

Some drivers think that running-in of the engine before using the vehicle is important. However, this is an outdated piece advice and isn’t required for the current generation of vehicles. Drivers just need to run the vehicle at 80% load and maximum speed for the first 1,000 kilometers.

Cooling the engine with tap water

Although the replacement or topping up of cooling water is a very basic and simple part of vehicle maintenance, drivers often make a common mistake here. 

Firstly, this does not mean that every car needs to have their cooling water replaced regularly. The ideal interval for drivers to replace the cooling water is every 3 months. In addition, using treated water or the type of water based on the manufacturer recommendations is preferred. We recommend avoiding using tap-water as it can contain minerals which are not good for the engine.

Checking of tire pressure visually

Tires are the key component between the vehicle and the road surface, and incorrectly inflated tires can significantly impact operational efficiency and safety of the driver and passengers. A common mistake is that many drivers think that using equipment to check tire pressure is unnecessary. However, tire pressure cannot be accurately checked based on the tire’s visual appearance alone. This is the reason why drivers must use professional equipment to check their tires’ pressure, and ensure that the tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s standard recommendation.

Also, drivers need to pay special attention to their tires during periods of extreme weather conditions, such when it is too hot or too cold.

Maintenance of all vehicle components

Finally, many people think that all of a vehicle’s components can be maintained or repaired when they consult with mechanics- who may not have been trained to service that particular vehicle. In addition, drivers may not have sufficient information regarding the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance information for their vehicles. However, certain components in luxury vehicles, when at the end of their lifecycle, should be replaced instead of being repaired.

A smart choice for maintenance is based on knowledge regarding the manufacturer’s recommendations. This should be a priority when you are using a luxury car. To Drive in Style, one needs good maintenance, smooth operation of the vehicle, and personal style.

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