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Quy Nhon, 19th May 2017, “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” campaign was organized at Quy Nhon bus terminal with about 400 sets of reflective decal put on the trucks and long journey buses. This was among the effort of Bridgestone Vietnam to increase the visibility of vehicles and vision for drivers in the dim lighted conditions, contributing to the road safety of Vietnam.

Multiply the practical act- “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” reaches the South Central

Continuing the programs which have been activated since 2016 over the country and recently was in March and April in Mekong Delta and South East provinces, Bridgestone Vietnam hold “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” at Quy Nhon bus terminal, Binh Dinh province on 19 May, offering 400 sets of reflective decal.

Mr. Dinh Van Cuong, a driver whose truck was glued with Bridgestone decals on the windscreen and truck body, said “Bridgestone is very active and enthusiastic, reaching to each of us to offer these sets, giving us gifts and spending time talking about our concerns though the weather is quite hot and stuffy. I was touch for being cared of.”

“If paying attention, we will see there are more and more trucks and buses with Bridgestone reflective stickers on them. We are planning to increase the frequency that these decals appear on roads nationwide to increase the road safety of Vietnam”, shared Mr. Truong Hoang Minh, Head of Planning and Marketing Department.

Until April 2017, Bridgestone has provided 15,000 reflective tapes to trucks and buses. It’s known that in 2017 Bridgestone will increase the number to 25,000. The event in Quy Nhon was the kick-off for other event series in South Central provinces and will soon arrive in the North region.

It is not very hard to have a simple and effective idea, but making that idea come into reality on big scale requires a lot of consistence and dedication. The “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” campaign though just kicked-off since 2016 has demonstrated a strong commitment of the world largest tire company into “Serving society with superior quality”, improving the safe transportation for Vietnam country.

Bridgestone delivered flashing stickers to the truck and bus drivers in order to increase the invisibility of vehicles at night, which helps to increase road safety


Drivers took part in exciting games and received many gifts from Bridgestone Vietnam


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