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Event aims to promote environmental awareness and inspire participants towards self-improvement

Ho Chi Minh City, 20th April 2015 – Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC., together with Project Green Hour from The Centre for Skilled Education and Community Communication (SECC), which is under the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations, jointly organized this year’s Earthday Vietnam 2015 on 19th April 2015. Held at Crescent Plaza 4 (CR4 – Nguyen Khac Vien, Phu My Hung, District 7), this year’s event theme is “More Exercises, More Eco-Friendly”.

This year’s event is the second time that the Earthday Network Global authorized an Earthday event to be held in Vietnam. Building on the success of last year’s event, Earthday 2015 will be attended by Ms. Ngoc Han, winner of Miss Vietnam 2010, as environmental ambassador, and participated by more than 3,000 youths.

Earthday 2015’s theme of “More Exercises, More Eco-Friendly” aims to demonstrate the correlation between exercise and green actions, through activities such as the Green Run – The Amazing Race, Crazy Dance and the Game ECO finals. Other activities at the event include Win Myself, Green Booths, and Ringing the Golden Bell. Earthday-related activities and campaign have been launched since 17th March this year, culminating in Earthday Vietnam 2015.

The focus on sports activities is meant to inspire the public to improve their personal skills, be more motivated, and to pick up wholesome and beneficial hobbies. In addition, the event carries the message of fighting laziness, hesitation, and encourages individuals to surpass personal limitations.

Green Run - One of the most interesting running festivals of the year, participants have to overcome obstacles from recycled materials (such as old tires) scattered across the running course. Before that, they have to kick off the Green Run with the Win Myself contest, to inspire them to break their personal limits.

Crazy Dance – An intensive mass dance featuring 1,500 participants, Crazy Dance is one of the biggest flash mobs of the year. Dancing along to the theme songs “Dung Ngoi Yen Trong Goc Toi” and “Waving Flag”, the dance sends a strong message encouraging participants to conquer higher goals in life, while reminding them about the potential within each individual, to achieve more in life. 

Game ECO – Recycle Game was the dramatic competition between three outstanding teams who won the semi-finals conducted in March. With creative and meaningful game ideas, Game ECO urges the community to recycle more and unite to achieve the environmental goal.

Mrs. Dinh Thi Vu Trinh, Director of SECC center (co-organizer): “The ultimate goal of environmental protection is to bring health to all. We always try to make environmental obligations simpler and more intimate, for people to related better to them. Furthermore, we also want to improve the personal skills of people, encouraging them not to break down when faced with difficulties and challenges, to dare to fight for personal victories. Earthday 2015 is a playground full of inspiring and meaningful messages.”

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Tire Sales Viet Nam LLC. (co-organizer): “This year, we continue to join hands with UNESCO, with the aim of organizing a meaningful Earthday 2015 which not only delivers a strong message on protecting the environment, but to remind and inspire people to always strive for personal improvement. As a player in the automotive industry, Bridgestone has a responsibility to ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations, to build a sustainable community that respects and protects our environment.”

In addition to the activities highlighted above, Earthday 2015 also feature Green Booths which sell handmade and recycled goods made by disabled children and students, bio degradable bags booth, and the Ringing the Golden Bell Contest for environmental awareness, amongst many other activities. 

My More than 1000 volunteers dancing flashmob together with Miss Ngoc Han and Ms Hoang My

The interesting competition between 3 finalists of GAME ECO

Bridgestone Vietnam staff took pictures together at Win Myself photo booth

Green Hour volunteers took pictures with Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – GD of Bridgestone Vietnam

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito together with Mrs. Dinh Thi Vu Trinh and Mss Ngoc Han officially opened Earthday 2015

More than 1000 volunteers joined Green Run 2015 for the environment

Green Hour volunteers joined Ringing the Golden Bell for environment

For more details of Earthday 2015, please visit Bridgestone Vietnam’s website vi or contact Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC. directly at 1900-54-54-68.


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