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Ho Chi Minh City, 28th June 2016, Bridgestone Vietnam had kick-off the campaign “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” at Mien Dong Bus Terminal and Mien Nam Truck Terminal, HCMC in last Saturday 25th June 2016. During the event, Bridgestone provided the trucks and buses with high quality reflective stickers to enhance the visibility of the vehicles while being operated in night time. Bridgestone is the first company running this campaign nationwide in Vietnam, providing 3,000 illuminate sticker sets and more than 6,000 safety handbook to drivers.

“Every day truck and bus drivers have made great contributions to bring us safe and exciting trip, transport goods and food across Vietnam. Driving is a stressful and risky job which requires drivers to work away from home frequently. Being aware of the tremendous efforts made, on behalf of Bridgestone Vietnam, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for their contribution - fathers, men of the family.”, said Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam.

By equipping drivers with the safety stickers, Bridgestone hopes to convey their care for the safety of drivers, so that every day the drivers start their journey with Bridgestone and it is Bridgestone who brings them back home safely.

Simple device, Great benefits

Statistics in 2015 by Transport Ministry showed that 70% truck and bus operates from 8:00PM to 5:00AM. At this time frame, our vision is reduced significantly notably when driving in limited lamplight. Moreover, ability to see at night will change by age. A 50-year-old driver will need double light-intensity to see things compared to a 30-year-old one.

In developed countries, it is compulsory for all vehicles to be equipped with illuminated devices. The color and location on these devices are also strictly controlled.

In Vietnam, the regulation of applying reflective stickers is available but not yet fully executed. The simple illuminated device is really useful in preventing the accidents at night while the vehicles stop on the road side or travel in poor weather condition.

A gift for driver’s safety

Fully aware of this reality, Bridgestone Vietnam launched “Drive home safe with Bridgestone”, having the high quality reflective stickers, valued VND 500, 000, sticked on the front, the back and the sides of the trucks and buses to increase the visibility. Bridgestone is the first company in Vietnam organizing this campaign in large scale through Vietnam, starting from HCMC, then to Dak Lak, Da Nang and Hanoi within 2016.

This meaningful gift set helps not only the drivers and vehicles safe on the streets but also reassures their families. The campaign is how Bridgestone expresses its thanks and appreciation to truck and bus drivers for their dedication.

The event included also games and interactive activities together with available Safety handbook for rainy

Strengthen family’s connection

Also on the occasion, the Writing Campaign “Drive home safely, Dad!” was also initiated, creating an emotional connection between the children with their driver fathers. The target participants are students whose fathers are drivers. Holding a job with many risks and spending most of time away from home, the drivers will really treasure the understanding from their family to be more confident and responsible with their jobs.

Mr. Tran Xuan Loi, a truck driver said “It has been more than 2 months that I did not have a proper dinner with my family. I worked hard for my children, but I really do not know how they think about me or my driving job”

Through the writing campaign, Bridgestone is looking forward to strengthening the family connection which will be great motivation to the drivers.

Well-written letters will be selected by Bridgestone. There will be 1 winning prize valued VND 20 million, 1 second prize of VND 5 million and 10 third prizes of VND 1 million. The writing campaign will last until 30 Oct 2016.

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito delivered opening speech at the event and shared his hopes for safety to all Vietnam driver when on the road The people at the Terminal were so excited joining the event
Mr. Hiroyuki Saito made the first sticker with key message “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” The driver received meaningful gifts from Bridgestone Vietnam

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