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On the highway Hanoi-Thanh Hoa, in a Mercedes C-Class, Ms. Phuong, the principal of a large kindergarten in Hanoi, is driving at the speed of 100km/h. In the car, she is listening to her favorite music tracks, enjoying the wide road and the tranquility of the interior space.

After a month of use, Hanoi customers are impressed by the smoothness and comfort brought during driving with the Bridgestone Turanza GR100 tires.

Just a month ago, on this highway and at this speed, the noise from the road coming into the cabin forced her to turn off the music to concentrate on driving. Cause when she wanted to listen to the music, she had to turn the volume loudly enough to overcome the sound from the tires. However, the combination of these two intense noise at the same time drove her insane, until she could not stand any longer and turned off the music.

The difference between today and last month is due to the fact that she just signed up for the program "Experience the smoothness with Bridgestone Turanza GR100".

New standard of smoothness

In Hanoi, 10 car owners of different models were selected by Bridgestone to experience and evaluate the smoothness of the high-end Turanza GR100.

n the program, each car was fitted with 4 Turanza GR100 tires and was balanced by modern Hunter wheel alignment at B-select Thai Phuong and Dan Chu, the two Passenger Tire Care Service Centers under the international standards of Bridgestone. After the first month of actual use, customers are open to give their feedbacks on this tire.

Participating in this program, customers also get advised how to use tires correctly by Bridgestone’s technicians

The 10 selected car owners including men and women, owning a wide variety of Mercedes, BMW, MINI Cooper S, Ford, Mazda, Kia, etc., working in different professions and experiencing in different driveways. Some people are hardly interested in the technical features of the car while some have tested many cars on many roads and have solid technical knowledge. This is to ensure Turanza GR100 is objectively tested on a variety of road conditions and multiple vehicle models.

After nearly a month driving with the new tires, all customers were impressed by the smoothness of GR100 compared to their previous tires. When driving over potholes or deceleration humps, the vehicles significantly reduced significantly the shock and discomfort for the drivers. In particular, customers reinforced that Turanza GR100 demonstrated the superior smoothness when running on the highway at high speed, almost none of the friction sound from the road could come into the cabin.

Mr. Hoang Linh, owner of a Mazda 6 said: "Some people have a habit of pumping less air than required, for example, if it needs 2.4 kilogram of air to fulfill the tire, some people usually use just about 2.1kg of air to keep the car smooth while driving on highway. That becomes unnecessary with Turanza GR100 tire and the car is still very smooth while crossing rough surfaces. In addition, horizontal shake often happening when driving fast seems to disappear, making me feel much more comfortable."

The noise reduction was not only recognized by the driver but according to Mr. Hieu Linh, owner of a MINI Cooper S shared, "I know Bridgestone tires are very durable, now I realize they are very smooth. My wife does not complain anymore."

Another customer, Mr. Son Ha, driving a Toyota Camry said: "When driving on good roads, I found that all tires are similar. However, when if driving on roads under repair or highways, the difference stood out. The Turanza GR100 tire significantly reduced noise in even bad and rough surfaces. If the tire is known for its smoothness, it should be smooth everywhere.”

The technology that breaks all norms

As a premium brand by Bridgestone, Turanze GR100 tire is specially designed for utter smoothness and durability for mid-range and luxury passenger cars.

The noise-isolating features of the Turanza GR100 is made by the Helmholtz 3-D resonator technology allowing the creation of a natural vacuum that draws air out of the tire tread to minimize resonance and transmission. In addition, the three-dimensional diamond surface design of the inner side helps create an intermediate layer that limits and reduces vibration through the tire. Moreover, the new structure is more compact than ever before, a lot of reinforcement is also added to the four gloves to disperse the air pressure, creating the quietness and smoothness.

he newly developed 3D Helmholtz Resonator is more compact than previous systems, allowing for the placement of additional resonators on all four of the grooves to dissapate air pressure before it can becomes noise. Furthermore, a newly developed 3D Diamond Pattern on the inside of the GR-100 dampens this vibration to prevent it from passing through the tyre to become noise.

"I never think I would use Bridgestone tires because I thought they are quite expensive. However, after trying for a month, I realize a different driving experience. My arms were less tired while driving and steering in a long journey. The price is, in fact, very reasonable, worthy with that quality”, said Mr. Duc Tung, a technical specialist and owner of a Kia Rio.

Whether you are driving a mid or a high-end vehicle, investing in a quality tire set is a good value-for-money investment in the safety, real driving pleasure and comfort throughout the journey, for both the driver and the passengers.

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