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Ho Chi Minh City – 5th May 2016, Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam Limited Liability Company held the event “Keep river and lake clean for a better life with Bridgestone” on 23th April 2016 and invited over 1,000 residents from Ban Nguyet Lake (Phu My Hung) to attend.

The event is aimed at raising the awareness of the importance of preventing air pollution from litters and toxic materials running into rivers and lakes in Vietnam. As one of the highlights of the event, we invited participants to ride bicycles with in-built air purifier to promote the mission of environmental protection. Bridgestone Vietnam also organized a musical performance for the event.

Bridgestone Vietnam was established in 2010, since then we have been committing to our environmental mission “To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations”, and spare our best efforts to keep a clean environment in Vietnam. With this opportunity, we have met a lot of residents who also wish to save the environment by spreading the message of “Keep river and lake clean for a better life”. The key message of this year is developed by Mr Hiroyuki Saito, the General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam.

Followed by this event, Bridgestone Vietnam is ready to kick off a series of water cleaning activities in the areas of canals, lakes and rivers in Vietnam. Particularly, we plan to install water cleaning machines in Ho Chi Minh City to encourage presidents exercise while also help to purify the water.

“I was really shocked by the heavy water pollution in Vietnam when I first came here. And this reminds me of the past Japan which has also suffered the water pollution by rapid development in industries. Bridgestone Vietnam would like to stand up and help the Vietnamese people to address this major issue by initiating the activity of riding bicycle with in-built air purifier in Vietnam and encourage the residents to spread out the environmental message”, Mr. Hiroyuki Saito commented during the Earth Day event earlier on.

Some images in the event


Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam at the event. Mrs. Duong An Giang, Director of Accounting and Administration of Bridgestone Vietnam with Minh Hang singer participated in riding on bicycle purifier. 


Hua Vy Van actor and Bao Thy singer also participated in the event.


Participants went sightseeing the giant B symbol. Bicycles purifier are put around Ban Nguyet Lake.

About Bridgestone Corporation:

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world.