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Gia Lai - 24 June 2016, Bridgestone - The world's biggest tire manufacturer officially kicked off the “Bridgestone Tire Safety” campaign, taking place for the first time ever in Vietnam at B-select nationwide.

This is a part of the global Bridgestone Tire Safety campaign. The first event was held from 24 to 26 June at B-select Thuan Ly, 79A Hung Vuong, Dien Hong Ward, Gia Lai City.
“Bridgestone Tire Safety” welcomed more than 100 cars beneficial from a thorough car care service including tire maintenance and check, engine oil change, interior and exterior cleaning, battery check and electronic errors scan. Besides the all-in-one service package as above, customers also received a premium gift set over 2 million Vietnam dong.

All ticket fares were donated to a charity fund, provided 10 bicycles for unfortuned children in rural areas in Gia Lai, fulling their dream of going to school.

Bridgestone: Mr Trương Hoàng Minh – Head of Sales and Marketing department shared: “Safety is one of Bridgestone’s core values. For over the last 85 years, we continuously researched and introduced the tire products with the state-of-art technology to ensure the optimum customer’s safety as well as comfort and smoothness when travelling. And we are only able to complete the mission with customer’s cooperation by checking tire condition regularly, maintain ideal tire pressure and civilized driving to assure safety on roads. This cooperation is like two gears of a machine, assuring customers reach the destination with the most thorough relax. This is also the purpose of ‘Bridgestone Tire Safety’ globally and in Vietnam.”

At the event, all the cars were provided with electronic errors scanning and fixing, offered with thorough services by the professional technicians of the top brands in the automotive segment:

-    Bridgestone Vietnam provided tire check including tire pressure, the depth of tire groving, tire sidewall, tire suface, snap in valve and wheel alignment if necessary. Tire durability, smoothness, comfort, price and tire options for urban roads, sloping roads, run-flat tire, etc. were also consulted with details. 

-    3M - the number 1 car care brand of United States provided tire polish and cleansing, interior cleaning and deodorant.

-    Bosch - the Germany automotive components company cleaned battery, refilled distilled water to ensure a stable car booting.

-    Idemitsu - the leading Japanese oil brand offered oil change for all cars on schedule.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hung, the Kia K3 owner said: "Normally, I have the car washed 2-3 times per month because I always want to keep it clean. However, I have less concern in testing other parts like tires, batteries, lubricant, etc. I usually follow to the maintenance schedule as recommended by the automaker. After attending this event, I am more aware of checking the car more often, especially tires, because the touching point of the tire and the road is only as wide as a hand, but carries the entire weight of the car as well as the safety of my whole family. Thank you Bridgestone and Thuan Ly for offering us such a useful knowledge. I hope the event will be expanded not only in Gia Lai but throughout Vietnam.”

At the event, Bridgestone also advised and answered many questions from customers about how to choose appropriate kind of tire for cars or road condition to have a comfortable, smooth and tranquil drive, especially when traveling on highway. As the world's biggest tire brand, Bridgestone is proud to bring customers with a wide product line-up offering the most durable and smoothest driving experience.

Opening B-select Thuan Ly - The premium tire service center

Right at the event, Bridgestone also officially opened B-select Thuan Ly. This service center is the first tire service center in Gia Lai, also a strategic step of Bridgestone to expand Bridgestone network nationwide, raising customer experience of tire service to a higher level. Convenient located in the downtown, B-select Thuan Ly is definitely a friendly, luxurious and comfortable destination for customers and their beloved ones in the future.

B-select is the most premium and modern tire care service center in Vietnam, exclusively for passenger car that offers extensive tire care service with technicians certified by the world's biggest tire brand. Besides, B-select also aims to diversify its service to meet customer demands by providing other products and services for cars like lubricants, battery, interior and exterior, etc. In 2016, Bridgestone will develop the service center to become a multi-functional one, offering exclusive products for cars and other amenities for customers as lounge space, children and family area to eliminate tiredness when waiting for service.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Thuan - General Director of B-select Thuan Ly shared: "B-select Thuan Ly is proud to be a part of B-select system. With transparent price, experienced staff and standardized equipment from the Group, B-select Thuan Ly is the combination of 22-year experience in the tire industry, understands local customer insight and Bridgestone's quality products under global standards. We aim to continue to be the most reliable choice of customers not only in Gia Lai, but the neighbored provinces."

“Bridgestone Tire Safety” will continue taking place in Ho Chi Minh City from 8 to 10 July and in Tay Ninh from 26 to 28 August. Customers can get tickets by ordering via hotline 0965.404.148 or access Ticket fare is at 200,000 VND with the service and gift package up to 2 million VND. 


Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director Bridgestone Vietnam and Mr. Hoang Dinh Thuan, Director of B-Select Thuan Ly delivered the opening speech


Representatives of Bridgestone Vietnam and B-Select Thuan Ly with partners of the events

Donation bicycles to poor children in the area  

B-Select Thuan Ly is belong to Bridgestone Passenger Tire Service Center in Vietnam

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