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Ho Chi Minh City – 08th Jan 2014, to meet the increase of transporting demand, especially, during the Tet holidays 2014, Bridgestone Vietnam officially announced its launch of a new product – called R158 – made in Thailand. This product owns advanced features for using on van and installed for all driving axles.

As our purpose that always bringing the best products to customers, Bridgestone keeps doing research and develops a new product, named R158, having key highlight improvements such as optimizing the spread of specially formulated rubber compound on surface for helping in:
- Minimizing the irregular wear.
- Improving the abrasion resistance as well as retreading.
- Longer tread life.
Additionally, R158 is an optimum product with its casing, forming by 4 layers of steering belt and steering belt body with 2 nylon belts to protect the tire body, helping tread not to be separated into layers under high stress and unbalance stress on the wide scale to reduce the break on tread, improve the durability and retreading ability.
Moreover, R158 has the design of stone ejectors on the tread and groove fence to protect the tire structure from damages caused by rubble and experience smooth ride.
R158 is now available at all dealers of Bridgestone Vietnam.

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R158 – Advanced tire minimizing the irregular wear and improving the ability of retreading.
R158 is now available at all dealers of Bridgestone Vietnam.

For more information, visit or call us 08 3825 6013.