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HCMC – July 28th 2015 – Bridgestone and BMW joint hands once again, to offer Vietnamese car lovers the “BMW xDrive Adventure” - a brand new driving experience, as part of the Drive in Style campaign. The journey took place over two consecutive days from 22nd to 23rd July, and allowed participants to experience driving BMW’s X family of cars across various road surface conditions. All vehicles were equipped with Bridgestone’s premium tires for luxury cars.

The journey was a chance for attendants to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained from the recent Drive in Style event on the road. The trip to Tay Bac was also the very first time that BMW tested and showcased the fuel consumption of their X-diesel engine equipped cars on Vietnamese roads. Besides the advanced technology in BMW’s diesel engine, the Bridgestone tires also played a key role in converting engine power to traction, as well as ensuring safety and fuel efficiency of the BMW SUVs.

  Three must-have minutes before the journey

Before the journey began, a Bridgestone expert shared basic tire knowledge to the participants. The key takeaway was that it only takes three minutes for drivers to check their tires before any journey, to ensure a worry-free and comfortable drive.

The first minute was spent on visual checks, to look out for any abnormal cracks or swelling on the surface of each tire.

In the second minute, drivers checked the depth of each tire’s tread. This is important as braking distances on wet or slippery roads would be longer if the tire is worn, particularly in the moist and misty conditions at Tay Bac. The tread depth should be over 1.6mm – the recommended minimum tread depth to ensure the safety of the tires.

The third minute was utilized to check tire pressure. The drivers were taught how to read and understand the recommended tire pressure on the sticker pasted on the driver’s seat window. This 3-minute step should be applied to spare tires as well.   

This three minute check is crucial to ensuring a safe journey, as incorrect tire inflation pressure can result in longer braking distances. It can result in drivers not having sufficient time to react to situations on the road, especially on the muddy and wet slopes of Tay Bac with its various craggy bends.

In addition, incorrect tire pressure can result in higher fuel consumption. When the tires’ inflation pressure is 30% below the recommended pressure, fuel consumption can increase by as much as 15%. Incorrect tire pressure can also adversely affect other systems such as the engine and suspension, leading to costly repairs. 

“Bridgestone hopes that customers are not only aware of our products, but also really understand its technology, so that they can select the proper tires based on their driving styles and needs. “Drive in Style” can be expressed through their cars, but also in their ability to control their vehicles under any circumstance.” said Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam. 

Immersed in the exciting atmosphere and blessed by good weather during the journey, the group of eight BMW cars visited B-Select Thai Phuong, a Bridgestone Tire Service Center. Officially opened in April 2015, B-Select Thai Phuong is part of Bridgestone’s new B-Select concept for tire retailing, which aims to provide premium services through a customer-friendly environment. Introduced to many markets across the world, B-Select provides consultation services, tire sales, fitment with advanced equipment, as well as highly-trained and professional staff and technicians.

The event’s vehicles had all their tires checked and aligned by B-Select Thai Phuong, to enable the participants to confidently conquer the 600-kilometer “One-Tank Challenge” by BMW.  

Bridgestone – a reliable companion for car lovers

Roaming on Tay Bac by premium cars or opening the electric sunroof to feel the breeze from the central region’s offshore is a dream come true for car lovers. Apart from enjoying the beautiful landscape of the country, they can experience cultural differences in various regions and nations driving through Vietnam, or even around the world. Vietnam has recently emerged as a popular destination for people interested in traveling by car.

Mr. Saito shared: “Per our slogan of “Your Journey, Our Passion”, Bridgestone understands that each route you have passed on your journey is an unforgettable experience in life. Therefore, we produce high-quality, reliable, durable, and environmentally-friendly products to ensure that our customers can enjoy life as much and as safely as possible.”

According to a survey conducted with 500 premium car owners in Vietnam, drivers of luxury cars face many difficulties in Vietnam. 31% of the respondents shared that they encountered on-road difficulties due to the large number of motorbikes and poor road etiquette from these riders; 27% mentioned that traffic congestion is an issue due to the narrow roads. In addition, 14% highlighted the poor condition of roads in Vietnam, while 8% were worried about theft.

Bridgestone’s Drive in Style campaign aims to create a safe and responsible driving community in which drivers can enjoy the excitement of the driving experience together with likeminded companions, as well as with other road users. At the BWM xDrive Adventure, participants enjoyed contests such as the B-Style, B-Talent, and B-Selfie, that awarded the most well-mannered driver, the most skillful driver, and the driver with the most impressive photographic moment of the journey.

During the journey, the driving group also donated gifts to schoolchildren. This is an activity that is part of the “Drive in Style” campaign, to ease the difficulties faced by needy members of society.  

Some images at the event


Family of car was ready to experiences on the Tay Bac streets

Participants was confident and comfortable while driving car


Bridgestone hopes to provide customers with the most feeling on the road


Bridgestone give the B-Style award to the driver with many useful sharing and smooth driving style 

The happiness of the children when receiving gifts from Bridgestone & BMW

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