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Fuel efficiency becomes an important factor for cars that travel frequently everyday, especially in urban roads with high traffic. Moreover, with vehicles used for business purpose and for transportation service with daily travel distance from 150 to 200 km, the selection of durable and fuel-saving tires is among the biggest concerns of car owners.

There are many factors that affect the fuel consumption of cars, among which are kind of tires and driving skill of drivers. As the world largest tire manufacturer, after continuous effort in research, Bridgestone recently has unveiled a new generation of Ecopia tire which processes outstanding fuel efficient ability, providing a new solution to car users, especially the ones who drive a great amount of miles everyday. Before being introduced to the Vietnam market, Ecopia EP300 has been launched in Thailand and Singapore with very positive responses from customers regarding the fuel efficiency thanks to its low rolling resistance. 

Ecopia EP300 tire own processes outstanding fuel efficient ability

To offer an opportunity for customers to have first-hand experience with the new tire and to be equipped with fuel-saving driving skills, Bridgestone is launching “Ecopia EP300- When you want it all” for customers in Ho Chi Minh City. This is an one-of-a-kind special occasion to own a full set of 4 all-new Ecopia EP300 tires for free and experience its fuel-economy, durability and grip.

ECOPIA EP300 - When you want it all

In specific, 14 selected customers will receive free tire check and wheel alignment services operated by modern machinery as well as be provided with 04 Ecopia EP300 tires for free at Bridgestone premium Passenger Car Service Center B-select in Ho Chi Minh city.

Moreover, these 14 customers are also invited for a road trip from Ho Chi Minh city to Ho Tram and experience the new tires in different terrains. During the journey, customers will be guided by Bridgestone Asia regional experts and global instructor of BMW about the driving skills that help save fuel. This important skill training has been developed based on careful research of Vietnam road conditions and on the real experience of these experts, which will help the customers drive confidently and efficiently, to enjoy driving more and saving more.

14 selected customers will receive free tire check and wheel alignment services operated by modern machinery as well as be provided with 04 Ecopia EP300 tires for free

Last but not least, after the training session, customers will have chance to practise the new acquired skills in the “Eco-Driving challenge” and be rewarded with valuable gifts like premium GoPro camera and wifi spot device.

“Ecopia EP300 – When you want it all” program details:

1.Eligible applicants

All car owners who are:

Official owners of the vehicle with their names stated in the registation document. Holding B2 driving license and living in Ho Chi Minh city

Having car tire sizes within this range:

185/55R15 195/60R15
185/55R15 195/65R15
185/65R15 205/55R16
195/55R15 205/60R16

2.Sign up period

From 23 to 30 October 2017. The result will be announced on Bridgestone Fanpage and website on 2 November 2017.

3.Sign up procedure

Customers click on the link below to sign up and get more information of the program details:

4.Selection criteria

The final list of customers will be among the eligible customers whose tire sizes are compatible with the sizes of Ecopia EP300 mentioned above. Customers signing up early with sufficient required information will get more advantages. Final decision under all circumstances will be made by Bridgestone Vietnam.

Customers can directly contact the hotline 1900 54 54 68 or visit Bridgestone website at for more information.

About Bridgestone Vietnam:

Bridgestone Vietnam Ltd, Co. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.