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It is commonly believed that “Good car makes smooth drive” while ignoring the fact that the 4 tires of the vehicles are the only part that makes contact with the road and play a critical role to the noise reduction and smoothness of the drive. Therefore, picking the right tires for the car is considered as important as selecting the car itself.

Confident with its premium tire product Turanza GR100, Bridgestone launches the program “Experience the comfort with Turanza GR100” for customers in Hanoi in July 2017. This is a precious occasion for customers to experience and validate the prominent comfort of Turanza GR100 in their daily driving.

Challenge the comfort

Bridgestone - the world largest tire company has created a perfect combination of outstanding comfort and well-known durability in its Turanza GR100 tire and introduced it to customers.

Appreciated as “First class comfort”, Bridgestone Turanza is challenging any new standards in tire comfort by launching the program “Experience the comfort with Turanza GR100”, offering free tires for the selected customers in Hanoi.

Turanza GR100 is the most premium brand of Bridgestone, imported from Thailand and Japan.

Experience the comfort

“Experience the comfort with Turanza GR100” program is to provide customers with the first-hand experience of the top-notch tire for comfort in the market.

In specific, 10 customers in Hanoi will receive free tire check and tire balancing and will be provided with a set of 04 Bridgestone Turanza GR100 tires at any B-select stores of Bridgestone across Hanoi.

After nearly one month of use, these customers will verify the quality of Turanza and share their assessment of how Turanza tire perform in daily life.

“Experience the comfort with Turanza GR 100” program details:

1. Eligible applicants:

All car owners who are:

Official owners of the vehicle with their names stated in the registation document

Holding B2 driving license and living in Hanoi

Having car tire sizes within this range:

2. Sign up period:

From 12 to 19 July 2017

The result will be announced on Bridgestone fanpage and website on 21 July 2017.

3. Sign up procedure:

Customers click on the link below to sign up and get more information of the program details:

4.Selection criteria:

The final list of customers will be among the eligible customers whose tire sizes are compatible with the sizes of Turanza GR100 mentioned above. Customers signing up early with sufficient required information will get more advantages. Final decision under all circumstances will be made by Bridgestone Vietnam.

Customers can directly contact the hotline 1900 54 54 68 or visit Bridgestone website at for more information.

About Bridgestone Vietnam

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a company belonging to Bridgestone Corporation Japan, the world’s biggest rubber and tire producing company. Products from Bridgestone have been purchased in more than 150 nations and regions all over the world.