Bridgestone Vietnam builds 10th bridge in Soc Trang

Continuing its journey of the "Bridges to Knowledge" project, Bridgestone Vietnam built and inaugurated the 10th bridge, Truong Tho in Soc Trang, on Dec. 27

The project was implemented by Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam Limited Liability Company to realize Empowerment (Committed to contributing to a society that ensures accessibility and dignity for all) and Ease (Committed to bringing comfort and peace of mind to mobility life).

The two are part of corporate commitments announced under the "Bridgestone E8 Commitment" in March 2022.

Soc Trang is known as a beautiful land rich in culture and home to the Kinh, Khmer and Chinese ethnic groups. Though it has advantages in terms of soil and water resources that allow it to grow a range of crops, the life and work of people here still face many difficulties in terms of the movement and transport of agricultural produce.

The old Truong Tho bridge before renovation.

For people living in Truong Tho hamlet, Truong Khanh village, Long Phu District, Soc Trang Province, the Truong Tho bridge built in 2008, located on the main road and connecting the village, serves the transportation needs of over 225 households including 153 children.

The old Truong Tho Bridge was severely damaged on the side, its base had broken concrete and the iron reinforcement was badly rusted.

According to the local government's assessment, the bridge was damaged to an alarming extent and needed urgent investment in new construction to ensure users’ safety.